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The corridor gallery

The Corridor Gallery at the John Radcliffe Hospital is situated along the main entrance corridor and shows a changing programme of temporary exhibitions by professional artists.

Exhibitions change every six weeks. Most work is for sale and a percentage of profits support the artlink programme.

If you are an artist and would like to be considered for exhibition, please contact Ruth Charity, Arts Coordinator, Oxford Hospitals Charity:

Gordon Stokes: East of Illiswilgig, West of Hanjague - The Sea in Scilly

3 August to 13 September 2019

Gordon Stokes has lived and worked in the Oxford area for over 30 years, but loves nothing better than to escape to the Atlantic coasts to photograph the sea. These photographs are all of the Isles of Scilly which are part of England, but also a land apart, both in terms of their place names and the quality of light. They reflect the variety of moods and colours of the sea across this tiny archipelago.

Being 30 miles away from the nearest mainland and surrounded by white sands, the light brings out colours seldom seen elsewhere in the UK. Stokes' images concentrate on the tranquil, calming and colourful. Many consist of sets of images framed together to convey a sense of place.

The exhibition and other images can be seen on:

Sea in bright sunlight with sand and three rocks in front

Phil Whiting: Wind in the High Mountains

11 May to 3 August 2019
Paintings from the artist's mountain sketchbooks.

A solo exhibition of selected paintings, mostly taken from sketchbooks inspired by treks made by the artist through remote mountainous regions of the world.

Moody oil painting of unwelcoming looking mountain side

Freya Pocklington: Behind The Blue Curtain and Other Stories

A Record of Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Motherhood
30 March to 11 May 2019

Freya Pocklington is a research student studying at the Royal College of Art. Her research interests lie within arts and medicine, exploring the role portraiture can play in narrative medicine. She is researching ways to develop the doctor-patient relationship, improving dialogue between the medical professional and individual. It has been proven that if patients are listened too and treated as individuals through collaborative discourse, this can improve treatment.

Freya is specialising in exploring the emotional trauma often caused by having a long-term physical condition (LTC) such as Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Diabetes. She is making comics, portraits and audio works of her own experiences as a patient.

On her year of 'maternity leave' from study, she has developed a series of ink paintings recording her own experiences of miscarriage, pregnancy and early motherhood from the prospect of a patient who has an LTC.

Please contact for further information.

Untidy scribbled drawing of screaming newborn

Richard Stephens: Snapshots

16 February to 30 March 2019
Richard Stephens renewed his love of screen printing when he retired, moved to Kidlington, and joined the Oxford Printmaker's Co-op.

He says, "I have been going through my old photos of places we've been fortunate to visit over the years, selecting images, manipulating them on Photoshop, and discovering various ways to produce limited colour palette prints.

"Therefore I've called this show 'Snapshots'. There's no particular theme, no political message and no hidden meanings, just an aim to produce some colourful and interesting images."

Naive print of Radcliffe Camera

Jonathan Shapley: Photographs

5 January to 16 February 2019

Jonathan Shapley is an artist who uses visual cues and other references to explore both connections and differences between environments and situations.

In this exhibition he uses photography to explore the relationships between different kinds of spaces and places - for example, what happens at the intersection between urban and rural, between inside and outside, or between inhabited and uninhabited.

Jonathan is artist working mainly with photography and painting. He lives and works in Oxford having studied Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art and Design.

A photograph divided in two parts: a lakeside scene; a dark path into the distance

NHS 70th Anniversary Exhibition 1948-2018

30 June to 1 September 2018

In celebration of 70 years of the NHS, this exhibition gathers together iconic images of the past seven decades at the Trust.

Bringing together archive images of the Radcliffe Infirmary, John Radcliffe Hospital, Churchill Hospital, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and Horton General Hospital, it looks back on a fascinating history of medicine and NHS care in Oxford.

Jackie Conway: Landscapes

21 April to 9 June 2018

Jackie Conway moved to Barton a few years ago and has been producing drawings of local landscapes, such as the CS Lewis Reserve, during her time there.

She says, "I have chosen places which are hidden away and which are landscapes and not cityscapes. From these drawings I have produced etchings, watercolours and oil paintings. The images are about the love of nature and while working on them I had a sense of peace and tranquillity."

Oil painting of a suburban house and tree in a naive style

Viral Footprints

6 January to 21 April 2018

This exhibition brings together artwork produced by adults and children who have been inspired by the surprising beauty of viruses. Their intricate and colourful work has been produced in workshops run by scientist-turned-artist, Dr Lizzie Burns, for patients in the John Radcliffe Hospital and local schools.

The project is a collaboration between Dr Burns and Dr Philippa Matthews, funded by the Wellcome Trust and supported by artlink.

Virus image

Birthing a Better Future, Oxford 2017

11 November to 6 January 2018

This exhibition has been developed by Zero2 Expo, an organisation established to increase public awareness of and involvement in how we treat babies in the first 1001 days of life - from conception to age two.

It includes artwork by nine artists all of whom have created new pieces in response to conversations with scientists around this theme.

Birthing a Better Future

Lucy Phillips: Repress: Repeat

30 September to 11 November 2017

The basis of Lucy's work lies in the collection of 'symbols' or 'motifs' she has created from her own photographs of the city. She reconfigures these images into a series of map-like or encrypted sheets, so creating a new sense of space or environment. In recent work, Lucy has taken a single motif and repeated it multiple times to produce large grid-based sheets. These sheets are then sliced up, before being repositioned to create an endless range of irregular combinations. While Lucy’s work clearly references geometry, symmetry and repetition, it is by modifying, distorting and rearranging these highly-structured symbols that Lucy creates an interaction between line and shape, and with it, a new sense of order.

Black and white image

Paintings by Don MacDougall

19 August to 30 September 2017

Don MacDougall describes himself as ‘a self-taught escapist who has sacrificed the opportunity to create ‘real and meaningful’ art by squandering his spare time, over the last 17 years, celebrating the lighter, whimsical moments in children’s literature or similar fictional situations. No political statements. No self-analysis. No ambition (except to maybe illustrate a book now that he’s retired) . . . just to raise a smile on grey days.’

Proceeds from the sale of the painting entitled ‘It’s always tea-time’ (illustrated) will be donated in full to Kamran’s Ward.
Whimsical painting

Paintings from the Edge: The Highlands by Phil Whiting

27 May to 8 July 2017

“As a necessary palliative to my work which deals with issues around conflict, memory and human rights, I love nothing more than to trek in all weathers armed with art materials in my rucksack through the wilder places of the British Isles where human traces are least evident. These paintings from the Scottish Highlands are some of the results.”

Phil Whiting ( has held many exhibitions of his work, including residencies and solo exhibitions at The European Parliament Building, Brussels in 2006 and at New College, Oxford University in 2009. He has received commissions from The Guardian and English Heritage as well as NGOs such as Amnesty International, and has won a number of awards, most recently ‘The Red Line Art Works Annual Award 2017’ for his painting ‘Who Are These Children?’. His work has been purchased for public and private collections. He lives and works in Oxford.

Painting by Phil Whiting

Town and Gown: Jackie Conway

8 April to 21 May 2017

Jackie says of her work, 'For the past fifteen years I have been drawing outside in Oxford. It is important to draw from life because you get better idea of detail and also you soak up the atmosphere. From these drawings I have produced a series of etchings and aquatints of colleges in the city centre and lesser known areas like Blackbird Leys and Barton. I have also studied the hospital while I was doing voluntary work there. I am now producing a series of etchings of C S Lewis Reserve during different seasons as well as oil paintings and watercolours of local landscapes.'

Jackie Conway went to Art College in Bristol and gained a BA Hons in Fine Art. She is a member of the Oxford Art Society and the Oxford Printmakers Co-op.

Image of Town and Gown by Jackie Conway

Marcus Stevens: Photographs of Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

4 March to 8 April 2017

Marcus is a junior doctor. During his last year of medical school he spent time in Ethiopia's Simien Mountains National Park working with Simien Mountain Mobile Medical Service (SMMMS), a small family-run charity. In the two years after graduating he has returned to Ethiopia each Autumn with SMMMS, working to improve the health of the remote mountain population. He says, "During my visits to the National Park I have tried to photograph the beauty of the mountains as well as the culture and lives of those who live in this inhospitable landscape. This exhibition is a collection of my favourite images taken over the last three years. I hope they offer a glimpse into a culture which has changed very little over the last two thousand years."

For more information about the charity see and

black and white image of mountain workers

Experimental Design

21 January to 4 March 2017
Experimental Design is a collaboration between the Oxford Printmakers Co-operative and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Sixteen WTCHG researchers have been paired with sixteen OPC artists to produce sixteen different works based on their research in human health.
Experimental design image

Oxford Scribes: Twelfth Night, A contemporary lettering exhibition celebrating Shakespeare

10 December 2016 to 21 January 2017

Oxford Scribes is a society whose members share an interest in fine hand lettering. They range from internationally known professional calligraphers to complete beginners. Throughout the year, they hold regular workshops run by experienced lettering artists as well as social meetings with speakers or demonstrations. In addition, they undertake commissions, produce an excellent newsletter and exhibit regularly.

The current exhibition is a contribution to Oxford's celebration of the works of William Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death. It is made up of calligraphic interpretations of quotations from his comedy 'Twelfth Night - or What You Will' - chosen because this play was first performed at the close of the Christmas season.

Oxford Scribes welcomes new members of all abilities. See

Oxford Scribes image

Paintings by Emma Davis

29 October to 10 December 2016
Emma Davis is known for her popular paintings of dogs - Polkadoggies However, for this exhibition she is showing a brand new series of work - a series of textured overworked acrylic paintings on board, inspired by her love of colour and form. She says, "Listening to music whilst painting these has been a very important part of the process and as a result I have titled them according to the particular albums that were playing in my studio."
image of painting by Emma Davis

Paintings by Jing Lin Sahota

17 September to 29 October 2016
Jing is a self-taught artist and a member of staff. She says of her work, "These are my original oil paintings which were created between 2015-2016. I draw nature. I am inclined to Impressionism and Expressionism."
Work by Jing Sahota

Drawing the First Breath: childbirth and neonatal drawings by Heather Spears

6 August to 17 September 2016
Canadian artist Heather Spears has drawn babies in many Maternity and NICU units in the Middle East, America and Europe - including the John Radcliffe Hospital. This is a selection from her fast, intimate drawings of the process of childbirth - often as a series - and from her countless studies of neonatal infants, many premature and/or in crisis, and their care. Both tender and accurate, Heather's drawings were made and are exhibited with permission of parents.
Work by Heather Spears