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The corridor gallery

The Corridor Gallery at the John Radcliffe Hospital is situated along the main entrance corridor and shows a changing programme of temporary exhibitions by professional artists.

We've not been able to show our regular programme of exhibitions due to COVID-19 restrictions. However we've developed an exhibition of artwork of, and by, staff in all our exhibition spaces until we can resume our programme.

One Team One OUH

December 2020 onwards
This exhibition brings together paintings and photographs of, and by, OUH staff in response to COVID-19.

It includes photographs documenting the changing working conditions for OUH staff during the pandemic by staff member Jon Lewis, as well as reproductions of paintings by Zito Soares Da Silva (pictured on the South Street Gallery page), a member of our Intensive Care Unit's housekeeping team, who painted his response to the work of his colleagues on the ward.

Also displayed are a selection of portraits of OUH staff created as part of a national project - Portraits of NHS Heroes - developed by the Oxford portrait painter Tom Croft, and work by artists who have generously given their time and creativity to thank NHS staff by auctioning and selling their artwork such as Emma Waddleton (whose painting The Hug is pictured) and Adam Dant.

Oil painting of two hugging figures wearing full PPE

Fruit Full

An art and science project by photography artist Françoise Sergy
18 April to 30 May 2020

Why do we like sugar so much? The art and science project Fruit Full wants to answer this question. The project is a partnership between an artist, nutrition scientists, fruit growers and jam makers.

By celebrating fruits and untangling sugar's power and illusions from a truly unusual perspective, Fruit Full is bound to provoke a discussion!

Kate Hipkiss: Architectural Papercuts

29 February to 18 April 2020

Kate Hipkiss works with paper, cutting intricate designs by hand to create delicate, complex layers. Her architectural series explores structure and light, focusing on traditional architecture as well as contemporary structures. By exploiting the qualities of cut and layered paper, the fall of light becomes central to the work and helps define the image.

Kate is currently studying for a Masters of Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University. She is a member of the Oxford Art Society and the Oxfordshire Craft Guild.

Alexa Cox: The Future Library

18 January to 26 February 2020
Alexa Cox aims to capture the way stories are transferred from one person to another, and what people take from the stories they are told.

This exhibition of work on paper deconstructs the book. The viewer is presented with a series of what could be illustrations, and is encouraged to create their own story by entering the narrative at any point in the sequence. The characters are looking for stories to create a future library. They then carry the stories that they encounter on their journeys as they move from page to page.

Jeremy Flint: Travel Photography

7 December 2019 to 17 January 2020

Jeremy Flint is a UK-based award-winning travel and landscape photographer, known for documenting beautiful images of people, places and cultures from around the world.

His pictures have been featured in a range of publications including National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, the Sunday Times Travel magazine, Digital Photographer and Outdoor Photography.

He is a finalist in the 2019 Travel Photographer of the Year awards.

Nicky Cooney: Prints, Past and Present

26 October to 6 December 2019

Nicky Cooney is a printmaker, painter and illustrator. She has worked in television and publishing and illustrated over 20 books for adults and children. Currently working principally with lino cuts, her prints are unique and hand-made in small, limited editions of no more than 30.

Colour is introduced in various ways, either by hand-colouring the print or using the technique of chine-collé or the application of metal leaf. The inspiration for many of her prints derives from ethnic art and folk tales.

Karen Morecroft: Between 62° - 66° North

14 September to 25 October 2019

Photographer Karen Morecroft moved from Manchester to Oxford in 2014. She counts this move as the catalyst for the transition in her work from grimy industrial cityscapes to landscape photography.

In this exhibition, Karen brings together several years' worth of trips far north, mainly Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Drawn in by the dramatic, often desolate landscapes and accompanying solitude, she aims to invoke the sublime of these sombre lands.

Gordon Stokes: East of Illiswilgig, West of Hanjague - The Sea in Scilly

3 August to 13 September 2019

Gordon Stokes has lived and worked in the Oxford area for over 30 years, but loves nothing better than to escape to the Atlantic coasts to photograph the sea. These photographs are all of the Isles of Scilly which are part of England, but also a land apart, both in terms of their place names and the quality of light. They reflect the variety of moods and colours of the sea across this tiny archipelago.

Being 30 miles away from the nearest mainland and surrounded by white sands, the light brings out colours seldom seen elsewhere in the UK. Stokes' images concentrate on the tranquil, calming and colourful. Many consist of sets of images framed together to convey a sense of place.

The exhibition and other images can be seen on:

Phil Whiting: Wind in the High Mountains

11 May to 3 August 2019
Paintings from the artist's mountain sketchbooks.

A solo exhibition of selected paintings, mostly taken from sketchbooks inspired by treks made by the artist through remote mountainous regions of the world.

Freya Pocklington: Behind The Blue Curtain and Other Stories

A Record of Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Motherhood
30 March to 11 May 2019

Freya Pocklington is a research student studying at the Royal College of Art. Her research interests lie within arts and medicine, exploring the role portraiture can play in narrative medicine. She is researching ways to develop the doctor-patient relationship, improving dialogue between the medical professional and individual. It has been proven that if patients are listened too and treated as individuals through collaborative discourse, this can improve treatment.

Freya is specialising in exploring the emotional trauma often caused by having a long-term physical condition (LTC) such as Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Diabetes. She is making comics, portraits and audio works of her own experiences as a patient.

On her year of 'maternity leave' from study, she has developed a series of ink paintings recording her own experiences of miscarriage, pregnancy and early motherhood from the prospect of a patient who has an LTC.

Please contact for further information.

Richard Stephens: Snapshots

16 February to 30 March 2019
Richard Stephens renewed his love of screen printing when he retired, moved to Kidlington, and joined the Oxford Printmaker's Co-op.

He says, "I have been going through my old photos of places we've been fortunate to visit over the years, selecting images, manipulating them on Photoshop, and discovering various ways to produce limited colour palette prints.

"Therefore I've called this show 'Snapshots'. There's no particular theme, no political message and no hidden meanings, just an aim to produce some colourful and interesting images."

Jonathan Shapley: Photographs

5 January to 16 February 2019

Jonathan Shapley is an artist who uses visual cues and other references to explore both connections and differences between environments and situations.

In this exhibition he uses photography to explore the relationships between different kinds of spaces and places - for example, what happens at the intersection between urban and rural, between inside and outside, or between inhabited and uninhabited.

Jonathan is artist working mainly with photography and painting. He lives and works in Oxford having studied Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art and Design.