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Freedom to move

Exercise is vital to make muscles stronger and fitter, to protect and support joints in arthritis. Exercise does not damage joints, and does not have to be about competitive sport or working out in a gym.

The key is to find a form of exercise you like, perhaps one that involves getting out and meeting other people.

Here are a few suggestions that we hope you find enjoyable.

Home exercises

These videos demonstrate exercises recommended by our Physiotherapists to help restore muscle and joint balance and so alleviate pain and disability. Perform them correctly and you will receive the maximum benefit.

Tips for exercises

Think about how you can fit these exercises into your daily life, for example while brushing your teeth or watching TV.

Stretching exercises

(Calf stretch, hip flexor stretch, quad stretch)

  1. A good stretch is uncomfortable.
  2. Repeat each stretch (for each limb) three times, holding for 30 seconds.

Strengthening exercises

(Heel raises, clam, wall slides, bridging, single knee bends)

  1. All strengthening exercises should be slow and controlled, not jerky or fast.
  2. Begin with ten repetitions, and increase by two to three repetitions every day, or two to a maximum set of 30. Then start an extra set of repetitions, building up to 30, and then a third set of 30 for each limb each time.
  3. Remember to breathe normally and try to smile.
  4. Try to do each exercise five times per week and if possible twice a day.
Last reviewed:13 October 2022