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Oxford Sarcoma Service

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About us

The Oxford Sarcoma Service is one of the leading providers of high quality sarcoma care.

Our large team consists of highly skilled surgeons, oncologists, nurses, therapists, researchers and co-ordinators who diagnose and treat sarcoma tumours.

Our team of specialists works in a collaborative approach to ensure the best possible service is provided to those where sarcoma is a potential diagnosis, and to those who require specialist treatment.

After your initial treatment, we conduct routine follow-up assessments to assess treatment efficacy and promptly address any recurrence of sarcoma tumours.

Our strengths lie in expertise within:

  • a dedicated plastic and reconstructive surgical team specialising in bone and soft tissue tumour management
  • a specialist histopathology service and academic University of Oxford Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit
  • a specialised Paediatric Oncology service
  • a professional Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) service
  • a dedicated head and neck sarcoma service
  • a professional intra-abdominal sarcoma service
  • dedicated sarcoma Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • weekly multidisciplinary team clinic and meeting, involving surgical specialists
  • a dedicated Spinal Surgery service for primary and secondary spinal tumours
  • expertise in administering high dose chemotherapy
  • a specialist Bone Infection Unit - the only one of its kind in the UK
  • advanced supermicrosurgery for lymphoedema treatment.
Last reviewed:02 May 2024