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Orthotic provision

Custom made / modular footwear

Adults will initially be supplied with two pairs of shoes or boots.

Please note: footwear is not replaced on an annual basis. It will be replaced once it can no longer be repaired, or if your orthotist feels it is no longer suitable.

Children will be supplied with one pair of shoes; however, new shoes are provided when their shoe size alters.

Please do not throw away your shoes or boots if you have any problems: please contact the department.

If you have orthopaedic footwear, or your own footwear has had adaptations to the sole or heel, then please bring these shoes in when they are in need of repair.

Non-adapted shoe repairs and maintenance are your own responsibility; please take these to a local shoe repairer when necessary.

Shoe raises and adaptations

Adults' adaptations or raises may be be added to three pairs of shoes per year.

If you would like additional shoes done, then you can pay to have these done privately.


Adults and children will be provided with one pair of insoles. These should be transferred from shoe to shoe.

If your orthotist has given you the plaster casts of your feet, it is important that you keep these safely, as they are used to make replacements.

Rigid plastic insoles last a minimum of two years and replacements can be made at this stage. If the rigid insole covers or pads become damaged before this time then the insoles can be recovered.

More flexible foam/CADCAM insoles can last many years, however they may start to lose their support after a year, and replacements can be made at this stage.

Fabric supports

You will be supplied with two fabric supports.

Prescription charges may apply to these items, so please bring proof of exemption to your appointment.