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Frequently asked questions about your visit

How long will my appointment take?

Your initial appointment will take approximately 40 minutes. However, if you need to be cast it may take up to an hour.

Can I buy additional orthoses?

It is possible to purchase additional insoles, footwear and footwear adaptations. Please contact the Orthotics Service to arrange this.

How long does it take until my orthosis is supplied?

You should have your fitting appointment approximately four to six weeks after your initial orthotic assessment. Shoes may require two fitting appointments, so this means it will be approximately eight to twelve weeks before your shoes are supplied.

What footwear is best for fitting an orthosis?

It may be necessary to change your chosen style of footwear if your orthosis is to be effective. Shoes or boots should have a strong, wide, supportive base. Any shoes with a heel higher than three centimetres are generally unsuitable for use, as are most types of slip-on and court shoes, as they will either end up too tight or slip off when walking. Generally, trainers or other shoes with a fastening (laces or Velcro) are the best for accommodating orthoses.

Removing the original inlay from inside your shoes will create extra space for your orthosis.

What type of shoe is best to raise/modify?

Enclosed shoes with a secure fastening (laces or Velcro) are best suited to be adapted. Shoes with a reasonable sole and heel material depth, a plain wedge-type sole unit of a firm density material, and trainers without air bubbles, are suitable styles.

Avoid shoes with welt stitching through the sole, or sole units with hollows, cut-outs or complex tread patterns. Shoes with black, white or brown soles will give a more cosmetic appearance rather than unusual, bright or multicoloured soles.

If you are unsure about the suitability of your shoes for adaptations, please ask at reception when you bring in shoes for adaptation.

Do I have to go up a shoe size in order for my insole to fit?

You may have to go up by half or one size so that your insole fits comfortably into your shoe.

Is there a charge for my orthosis?

There is a prescription charge on abdominal supports. All other orthoses are funded by the NHS and you will only have to pay for any additional orthoses above the standard entitlements.

How many orthoses am I allowed?

This very much depends on the type of orthosis. Please see Orthotic provision or contact the Orthotics Service.

What happens if my orthosis breaks or needs repairs?

Please contact the department and we will organise a time when you can bring in your orthosis for repair.

Can I post my repairs?

Yes, you are able to post in repairs.

Please label your orthosis with:

  • your name
  • patient/NHS number
  • phone number
  • what you would like done.

For example: John Smith, 123-456-7890, (01865) 227575, reheel and resole.

Can I bring a friend or relative to my appointment?

You are very welcome to bring someone else to your appointment.

What do I do if I have not heard regarding my appointment?

If you are new to the service, and have not heard after three weeks from receipt of referral, the likelihood is that you are on the waiting list.

If you are an existing patient, please contact the Orthotics Service.