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Trauma Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

Oxford Trauma supports the National Musculoskeletal Trauma Patient and Public Involvement Group.

This is a group of people who have used the Trauma Service as patients, family, carers or friends and members of the public who have an interest in the specialty.

The aim is to actively involve patients, carers and the public in all aspects of research from developing research questions and managing the process to disseminating research findings.

Examples of activities are:

  • the review of study information sheets
  • discussion of ideas for studies from conception to implementation
  • joining trial management or trial steering committees.

For information on how to join, please contact us:


For more information please visit:

Patient and Public Involvement Group - Oxford Trauma and Emergency Care | NDORMS

Members are asked for their views about trauma research a few times a year, usually by telephone, email or letter.

Sometimes they are asked to join a group and attend meetings about a specific project.

If I join, will I be paid?

Payment and expenses are available and information about this will be provided for each event.

What happens to the information I supply?

All information will be treated in a confidential manner, and kept on secure password-protected University computers.

Does the user group deal with complaints?

No. Complaints about clinical care / treatment are dealt with by our Patient Experience Team or Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Data Protection Statement

We will hold the information you provide on a secure database. We will contact you sometimes to ask your views. When you wish to leave the group, your details will be removed.