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Simulation Suite

Resuscitation mannequin lying on a trolley
Resuscitation training facility

The Simulation Suite at the Kadoorie Centre in Oxford is an advanced facility for training, performance assessment and research.

Do you need to teach:

  • advanced first aid
  • resuscitation
  • the treatment of medical emergencies
  • new patterns of care?

Do your staff need:

  • refresher courses
  • competency based assessment
  • interview training?

The Simulation Suite is a flexible training space linked with a control room.

For life support training a high fidelity, computer-controlled Laerdal SimMan training mannequin is used to mimic a wide range of emergency conditions. Pre-programmed, custom or manually controlled scenarios can be created.

For medical training the'scenario theatre' can be configured as:

  • an intensive care bedspace
  • a resuscitation bay
  • an acute ward bedspace
  • an ambulance or out of hospital workspace
  • an interview room.

The control room has a one-way mirror for viewing the action. Cameras record the session for later review, analysis and feedback.

For interactive training with large teams, the action can be sent 'live' to the Lecture Theatre, Skills Room or anywhere in the world, using the video conferencing system.