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Immunology Laboratory

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The NHS Neuroimmunology service in Oxford has developed over the last twenty years in collaboration with Professor Angela Vincent (Retired, Oxford University).

Dr Adam Handel, Dr Walters and their scientific team have been at the forefront of research into the clinical and mechanistic basis of many Neuroimmunolgical diseases including Myasthenia Gravis, Neuromyelitis Optica and Limbic Encephalitis.

This work has led to the development of a series of specialised assays for the diagnosis of Neuroimmunological disease. In conjunction with the NHS Neuroimmunology Laboratory we have jointly provided and continue to provide a service to physicians throughout the UK, Europe and the World.

This Joint Oxford University and Oxford University Hospitals Neuroimmunology service is one of very few laboratories which provides such an innovative international diagnostic laboratory service.

We annually perform in excess of 55,000 Neuroimmunology assays spanning a wide repertoire that includes detecting antibodies to Aquaporin 4, Voltage Gated potassium channels, Anti-NMDA Autoantibodies and anti-Acetyl-choline Receptor antibodies.

For more information on the tests we perform, please visit:

Diagnostic tests

We provide laboratory results with comprehensive interpretative comments and provide advice by email correspondence to many clinicians in the UK and elsewhere.

As the importance of these tests in pointing to immunotherapy-responsive diseases has become recognised by neurologists, demand continues to rise and the laboratory will endeavour to expand this important area of our work for the benefit of our users.

Service requests

To help us reduce data entry errors, speed up turnaround times and ensure correct locations for reports and invoices, please use our request card (pdf, 204 KB).

There is a separate Request Form for Paranodal / Nodal Antibody Testing (Word, 526 KB) - please complete and email to when requesting these tests.

For external organisations ordering tests from us: by sending us a sample and completed request form, you will be entering into an agreement based on ourĀ Terms and Conditions (pdf, 124 KB).

Last reviewed:23 January 2024