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Infliximab Levels and Anti-Infiximab Antibody Levels

Also known as: Remicade; Remsima; Inflectra

Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-α), is a pro-inflammatory cytokine involved in the establishment and maintenance of tissue inflammation in chronic diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Neutralisation of the biologic activity of TNF-α, using monoclonal antibodies such as Infliximab, has been shown to be an effective strategy for the reduction of tissue inflammation and induction of disease remission. However, during therapy, some patients may generate antibodies to Infliximab, termed anti-drug antibodies (ADAs). High levels of ADAs may negate Infliximab efficacy. The serum concentration of Infliximab immediately prior to re-infusion (trough level) provides important information and should be used to inform dosing, clinical management and appropriate ADA testing; trough drug levels should be monitored during any changes in dosing regimen.

Specimen requirements

Serum 1ml; plasma is NOT acceptable


Price on application

Laboratory turnaround time

10 days

Laboratory method


Reference range/units

Infliximab Drug Levels
3 – 6 micrograms per ml

Anti-Infliximab Antibodies
Negative <10 nanograms/ml
Positive >10 nanograms/ml

Associated tests


Sample stability

2 weeks at 2-8ºC

Shipping and storage

Samples may be shipped at ambient temperature but must arrive at the laboratory within two days of dispatch.

Please ensure delivery Monday to Friday 07:00 - 17:30.

Further information and contact details

For further information, email

Last reviewed:13 September 2022