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Immunology Laboratory

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How to order tests

Terms and conditions

For external organisations ordering tests from us: by sending us a sample and completed request form, you will be entering into an agreement based on our Terms and Conditions (pdf; 124 KB).

Request cards

All test requests must fulfil our acceptance criteria:

Sample acceptance criteria (pdf, 153 KB)

We have a standard request card suitable for all specimens. This helps us reduce data entry errors, speed up turnaround times and ensure correct locations for reports and invoices.

Immunology / Neuroimmunology Request Card (pdf, 204 KB)

If you choose to use your own request card format, please ensure that sufficient patient, clinical, requester and billing information is given.

Sample requirements and shipping

Shipping statement for serum and CSF samples

  • Please ship samples in accordance to P650 regulations using UN3373 compliant packaging materials.
  • Serum and CSF samples may be shipped for up to 72 hours at ambient temperature (9-25°C).
  • When shipping time is expected to exceed 72 hours we recommend shipping at 2-8°C using freezer packs.
  • We are closed and cannot accept samples on Saturday and Sunday. Please ensure samples are shipped to arrive at the laboratory on Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm.
  • Where serum is the required sample type, please ensure serum is separate from whole blood. Please do not send unseparated whole blood.
  • Please consult test profile pages for information on sample type required for that test and only send that sample type.
  • Analyte stability, at 2-8oC, and storage information is available on each test profile page. We will reject samples outside these criteria.
  • We do not accept responsibility for the deterioration of samples in transit.
Last reviewed:26 October 2023