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Allergy serology

Below is a complete list of the specific IgE tests performed in Oxford. For other allergens please contact Laboratory Immunology on (01865) 225995.

Specific IgE tests are available to a wide range of antigens. However, the Gold Standard is a thorough clinical history along with skin prick tests except in the following cases:

  • Small children
  • Those with extensive skin involvement that precludes skin testing
  • Where there is a risk of anaphylaxis

In the absence of a strong clinical history, Specific IgE analysis is of little significance.

Blanket requests for 'RAST testing' will be ignored.

Please give full details of suspected allergens and symptoms. Tests for specific IgE to penicillin are not reliable in diagnosing immediate type hypersensitivity to this drug.

For further information on Food Allergy in children and young people, please see the latest NICE Guidelines from February 2011 (CG116)

A-Z of specific IgE (RAST) tests performed in Oxford

Phadia Code Specific IgE (RAST) Test
t2 Alder (Grey) Pollen - only use if specifically asked for
f20 Almond
c6 Amoxicilloyl
f313 Anchovy
f49 Apple
f237 Apricot
m3 Aspergillus Fumigatus
f262 Aubergine
f96 Avocado
f92 Banana
f6 Barley
f269 Basil
i1 Bee venom
  Bee & wasp allergen components
Use VENM for i208, i209, i211
f27 Beef
t3 Birch pollen - only now used by special request from Derm/Imm
f211 Blackberry
f280 Black pepper
f37 Blue Mussel
f18 Brazil Nut
m5 Candida albicans - IgE not IgG
f31 Carrot
f202 Cashew nut
e1 Cat (epithelium & dander)
f85 Celery
f81 Cheese (cheddar type) - use this first if type not indicated
f82 Cheese (Mold type) - only request if specifically asked for
f242 Cherry
f299 Chestnut Sweet
f309 Chick Pea
  Chicken feathers - see ex71 feathers
f83 Chicken meat
f279 Chilipepper
c8 Chlorhexidine
f93 Chocolate (Cacao)
f207 Clam
f36 Coconut
f3 Cod
f221 Coffee
w1 Common Ragweed
f317 Coriander
f8 Corn (Maize)
f2 Cow's Milk
f23 Crab
f244 Cucumber
f289 Date
e5 Dog dander
f1 Egg White
ex71 EX71 = feathers of goose, chicken, duck & turkey
ex72 EX72 = feathers of budgie, finch, canary, parakeet, parrot
i75 European hornet venom
e217 Ferret epithelium
f47 Garlic
c74 Gelatin
f270 Ginger
f79 Gluten
f300 Goats Milk
f259 Grape
g6 Grass (Timothy) Only now used by special request from Derm/Imm
gx1 Grass pollenmix (gx1) Use instead of GRAS.
e6 Guinea Pig epithelium
f42 Haddock
e84 Hamster epithelium
f17 Hazelnut
f247 Honey
e3 Horse dander
d1 House Dust Mite
f84 Kiwi
f88 Lamb ( Mutton)
k82 Latex
f208 Lemon
f235 Lentil
f215 Lettuce
f306 Lime
f333 Linseed
f80 Lobster
f335 Lupin Seed
f345 Macadamia nut
f206 Mackerel
f91 Mango fruit
f87 Melon
mx1 Mixed Moulds (M1;Penicillium notatum, M2;Cladosporum, M3;Aspergillus, M6;Alternaria)
fx1 Mixed Nuts (almonds, brazil, peanut, hazel & coconut)
i71 Mosquito
e72 Mouse Urine
w6 Mugwort
f212 Mushroom
f89 Mustard
f7 Oat
f342 Olive (black)
f416 Omega-5 Gliadin
f48 Onion
f33 Orange
F232 Ovalbumin, nGal d 2
f233 Ovomucoid, n Gal d 1
f290 Oyster
f86 Parsley
f12 Pea
f95 Peach
f13 Peanut
f94 Pear
f201 Pecan nut
c1 Penicilloyl G (Benzylpenicilloyl)
c2 Penicilloyl V (Phenoxymethy Penocillioyl)
e7 Pigeon droppings
e215 Pigeon feathers
f253 Pine Nut
f210 Pineapple
f203 Pistachio
f255 Plum
f224 Poppy seed
f26 Pork
f35 Potato
f225 Pumpkin
e82 Rabbit epithelium
w203 Rape Pollen
i208 rApi m 1 Phospholipase A2, Honey bee use VENM for i208, i209, i211
f343 Raspberry
e74 Rat Urine Mouse
f9 Rice
i211 rVes v 1 Phospholipase A1, Common wasp. use VENM for i208, i209, i211
i209 rVes v 5 Common wasp
use VENM for i208, i209, i211
f5 Rye
f41 Salmon
f338 Scallop
o70 Seminal fluid
f10 Sesame seed
f24 Shrimp
f14 Soya bean
f214 Spinach
f58 Squid (pacific)
k84 Sunflower seed
f218 Sweet pepper/paprika
f44 Strawberry
f25 Tomato
tx8 Tree pollen mix (tx8) use instead of BIR
f204 Trout
f40 Tuna
  Turkey feathers see ex71 feathers
f256 Walnut
i3 Wasp venom
  Wasp & bee allergen components
Use VENM for i208, i209, i211
f4 Wheat
f15 White Bean
f45 Yeast

Component allergy testing

Allergen Component test Request Code
Peanut rAra h 1 F422
  rAra h 2 F423
  rAra h 3 F424
  rAra h8 PR-10 F352
  rAra h 9 LTP F427
Hazelnut rCor a 1 PR-10 F428
  rCor a 8 LTP F425
  rCor a 9 F440
  rCor a 14 F439
Egg nGal d 1 Ovomucoid (F233) OVO
  nGal d 2 Ovalbumin F232
Soy rGly m 4 PR-10 F353
  nGly m 5 Beta F431
  nGly m g Glycin F432
Wheat rTri a 19 Omega-5 Gliadin (F416) OM5
  rTri a 14 LTP F433

Download as pdf

The list of specific IgE tests performed in Oxford is also available to download in PDF format. See SIgE testing (pdf; 64 KB)