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Oxford Gait Laboratory

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Gait analysis for children

Gait analysis measures how you walk, using special cameras.

This is what will happen when you come for an appointment with us.

  • First, we would like to know a little bit about you and what you think about the way you walk. We will ask you and your parents some questions to find out.
  • We will then assess your muscles and how your joints move.
  • For the gait analysis, we use special cameras that can only see shiny small markers. We will attach these markers to your feet and legs with tape. The cameras will track the markers while you walk up and down our lab.
  • Sometimes we also need to know what your muscles are doing while you walk. We then attach little devices, which are called EMGs, to your legs. They sit on your skin and measure your muscle activity and send a signal to the computer.
  • We will ask you to walk up and down a few times, and if you have splints or special shoes we usually measure your walking in these as well. Don't worry, you are welcome to have little rests between walks if you need them. If you prefer, your mum or dad can walk with you.

Please bring shorts and your walking devices and/or splints with you.

After we have finished measuring your walking, we will take off all the markers and EMGs.

Examining teddy's knee
Examining teddy's hip
Teddy with GA markers on
Gait analysis walking