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Oxford Centre for Genomic Medicine

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Patient feedback

We gave our patients a feedback questionnaire to fill in; these are just some of their responses.

"Doctor I saw was amazing and very thorough. She wasn’t judgemental and treated me like an individual not a number and I didn’t feel rushed in any way."

"I was told the process, how long will take and what is next. Very helpful."

"I received a comprehensive letter explaining clearly my blood test result."

"Clear and appropriate."

"Excellent medical staff."

"Clear explanation of the link from generation to generation. That I wasn’t being stupid as my doctor had led me to believe."

"First appointment was calm and not rushed - nice counsellor/doctor."

"Polite and helpful and seemed genuine. Understanding, helpful, genuine."

"Talked to me as an equal. Always explained well without it being too complicated or patronising."

"Brilliant, fantastic lady."

"Prompt appointment time and not rushed."

"Excellent approach and delivered the correct information."

"I moved twice trying to get this result and they let me move the test to a more local genetics hospital which was really helpful."

"Service was prompt and always returned any telephone calls. Counsellor was kind, calm, knowledgeable, always giving full explanations."

"The person we saw explained very well my genetic make up."

"I am grateful for such a service. I did not have to wait at my appointment which was amazing."

"There was also plenty of time at the consultations which was appreciated, particularly given my medical history and concerns."

"Very caring, compassionate, calm and patient. I can’t thank them enough. Very sympathetic and helpful."

"Very approachable and excellent manner."

"I was happy with everything."

"Very good at communicating, friendly and professional."