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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Acute Paediatrics

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Children's acute wards

Oxford Children's Hospital admits children from the Children's Emergency Department and Clinical Decision Unit who are unwell and need to stay in hospital to be monitored for a few days.

During this time the nurses on the ward will regularly review your child, and the doctors will see them during their ward rounds.

Your child may need further investigations or tests while on the ward, and may be prescribed medication to take home.

Children who are acutely unwell usually come to Bellhouse-Drayson Ward, although occasionally we care for them in Tom's Ward or Robin's Ward.

Bellhouse-Drayson is a busy ward which has both open bays and cubicles. If your child needs to be isolated they will have a cubicle to themselves.

The ward has roughly 20 beds, depending on circumstances, and is staffed by:

  • nurses
  • play specialists
  • paediatric consultants and trainees
  • GP trainees
  • dietitians
  • therapists
  • phlebotomists (people trained to take blood samples).

Volunteers often come in and entertain the patients.

We have a ward for older children (aged 12 and above), Melanie's Ward, where care is designed around their needs.

Patient leaflets

Welcome to Bellhouse-Drayson Ward (pdf, 160KB)

Tom's Ward: Information for inpatients and their parents / carers (pdf, 73KB)