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Acute Paediatrics

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Children's Clinical Decision Unit (CDU)

The Children's Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is the 'Paediatric Ambulatory Care' Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

We have a combination of and chairs for children who are 'ambulatory' patients (this means 'able to walk', although not all children will be of that age).

Our staff review children who have been referred by their GP or admitted via the Emergency Department, or children who have recently been discharged from Oxford Children's Hospital.

We also look after children who come in from home and need intravenous antibiotics.

Our team comprises:

  • nurses
  • advanced nurse practitioners (ANP)
  • paediatric consultants and trainees
  • GP trainees.

This unit can become very busy and noisy at times, so please remember to bring some toys or games to distract your child.

Your child may need blood tests or investigations while they are with us.

Find us

Children's Clinical Decision Unit
Bellhouse-Drayson Ward
Level 0, Oxford Children's Hospital

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