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Acute Paediatrics

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Our team

Our consultants are based in the John Radcliffe Hospital's Clinical Decision Unit or Oxford Children's Hospital, with some consultants working in both Oxford Children's Hospital and the Horton General Hospital in Banbury.

Oxford Children's Hospital

Consultants / Specialty Doctors

Clinical Decision Unit

  • Choy Lee
  • Zoe Rooney
  • Sahana Rao
Specialty doctors
  • Delia Bethell
  • Rene Seegobin

Children's Hospital

  • Geetha Anand
  • Janet Craze
  • Dominic Kelly
  • Matthew Snape
  • Shelley Segal

Sisters and nursing staff

  • Zoe Pooley
    Matron, Children's Hospital
  • Tracey Toohey
    Safeguarding Lead Nurse
  • Claire Osborne
  • Claire Hunt
  • Donna Winser

Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist

Isabel Paz

Horton General Hospital

Consultants / Specialty Doctors

  • Raj Anantharaman
  • Tania Davison
  • Ullie De Saint-Quentin
  • Rhiannon Furr
  • Oliver Jeffries
  • Julie Johnson
  • Ranjini Mohan
  • Felicitas Obetoh
  • Edwin Osakwe
  • Rani Pal
  • Rudy Ridwan
  • Naveen Shettihalli
  • Justin Sims
  • Umasunthar Thisanayagam