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Skull Base Service

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Our team

Our medical team includes doctors, nurses and surgeons from a number of specialties.


  • Mr Sanjeev Jeyaretna (Skull Base Surgery Lead)
  • Mr Simon Cudlip (Pituitary Lead)
  • Mr Jash Patel (Neurovascular Lead)
  • Ms Jane Halliday

Ear Nose and Throat

  • Mr Pablo Martinez Devasa
  • Mr Samuel MacKeith
  • Mr Priyamal Silva


  • Dr Claire Hobbs
  • Dr Nicola Warner

Plastic surgery

  • Mr Steve Wall
  • Mr Matthew Potter
  • Mr Greg Thomas


  • Mr Jonathan Norris
  • Ms Srilashmi Sharma

Maxillofacial Surgery

Mr Nad Saeed


Prof Zam Cader


  • Dr Fintan Sheerin
  • Dr Timothy Horvat
  • Dr Pieter Pretorius


  • Dr Aparna Pal
  • Mr Bahram Jafar-Mohammadi
  • Dr Christine May

Neurosurgery Skull Base Clinical Nurse Specialist

Catherine (Kaye) Toledo: 01865 231884

Specialists Nurses / Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) (Endocrine)

  • Gemma Anderson
  • Helen Loo
  • Jacinto Martinez

ENT Skull Base Clinical Nurse Specialist

Lyndsay Webb: 01865 231191

Radiotherapy Skull Base Clinical Nurse Specialist

Sulochna Hawkins: 01865 226419

Last reviewed:14 January 2022