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Oxford Centre for Enablement (OCE)

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Spasticity Service

Spasticity, an increase in the stiffness of muscle movement often associated with spasms, is a common problem and the cause of significant disability and distress.

Most spasticity is managed as part of the other services in the OCE, with only a minority needing specialist assessment for and provision of the following:

  • botulinum toxin injections into specific muscles, usually in an arm or a leg
  • intrathecal baclofen pump therapy (run by the Department of Neurosurgery)
  • Orthopaedic surgery primarily on tendons and joints

Most of the specialist service is run from within OCE.  There are additional monthly multi-professional clinics for extremely complex patients. These are attended by:

  • Neurological rehabilitation specialists
  • A neurosurgeon with expertise in intra-thecal baclofen use
  • An orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in operative management of spasticity and contractures


All referrals should be made by letter, indicating that spasticity is the major problem. If the specialist spasticity service is considered likely to be needed, the letter should detail the specific management that has already been tried.