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Oxford Centre for Enablement (OCE)

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Neurological rehabilitation Inpatient service

OCE's inpatient service provides Level 1 inpatient neurological rehabilitation for patients needing highly specialist rehabilitation from Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. It is part of the Thames Valley Trauma Network rehabilitation network.

We currently have the capacity to admit up to 26 inpatients at any one time, depending upon staffing levels and the level of dependence of the patients being referred and admitted. There's no absolute criteria for who can or cannot be admitted.

Generally speaking, a patient is considered suitable for admission (assuming funding is available) if the patient:

  • has a neurological or neuromuscular condition
  • would benefit from the specialist neurological rehabilitation service available
  • would not gain an equal benefit from a more readily available service
  • would be safe in this environment.

Patients may be admitted for anything between two weeks and several months. Prior to discharge, the service will usually work with the relevant local services to arrange necessary funding, care packages, equipment and adaptations.

Many patients return home, but some need to transfer to a nursing home or residential care placement and, rarely, a patient may need to return to the referring hospital if they live outside Oxfordshire.


OCE has a single inpatient ward area on the ground floor in the OCE building. The rooms have ensuite bathrooms, sometimes shared with one other room. There are communal eating and leisure areas on the same floor.

Most therapy and treatment areas are on the first floor. A lift is available for those who need it.


Visiting is relatively open, and we encourage the involvement of relatives and close friends. There is less therapy available at weekends and the involvement of family and friends at this time is particularly helpful.


How to make a referral