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Language Launchpad

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Welcome to Language Launchpad! Use the resources on this page with any of the 12 books featured on this site.


This leaflet gives you an overview of Language Launchpad and how to use it.

Language Launchpad leaflet (pdf, 130 KB)


Choose a story book (one of your own, or one from our resources section).

Pick a Launchpad Card (suitable for any book) or a Rocket Card (specific to the books listed).

Read the story with your child, and link in the advice from your Launchpad or Rocket Card.


On this website we have grouped the 12 books into three groups of four, for ease of use.

Launchpad Cards

Launchpad Cards provide strategies to use when reading any book - this includes books you have at home, or books you get from the library.


Launchpad Cards (pdf, 437 KB)

You can start with these cards for an overview, or start with the story-specific Rocket Cards - it's up to you!

Star chart and certificate

Giving praise and talking about achievements is important for self esteem. Print out and use our star chart and certificate to make sure you celebrate your child's successes.


Extra support

Resources for children who may need additional help.

Extra support - for children who are finding language learning difficult (pdf, 461 KB)

Last reviewed:11 November 2022