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Oxford Eye Hospital

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Low vision

A magnifier held over the page of a bookPatients with visual impairment (vision which cannot be improved with spectacles or contact lenses) can be assessed in the Low Vision Clinic to maximise the use of their remaining vision. You do not have to be registered as visually impaired to access this service.

A full assessment, including refraction if required, is carried out to determine which aspects of vision are posing the greatest difficulty to the patient, and which optical aids such as magnifiers and telescopes would be of most benefit.

Please bring your own spectacles and any existing magnifiers, plus any examples of tasks that you would like magnification to assist with.

The Oxford Eye Hospital provides optical aids on extended loan. We can also demonstrate electronic magnifiers and give advice on the suitability and availability, as well as offering advice on non-optical aids and lighting.

A full low vision assessment may take up to an hour.

A specialist Paediatric Low Vision Clinic runs several times a month.

We work closely with:

Where appropriate, and with the patient's consent, we can refer to these groups.

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