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Physician Associates

Physician Associate (PA) is an exciting role in the UK.

Updated 08 July 2021


The Physician Associate (PA) role has been developed to support the NHS medical workforce in providing exceptional patient care. It has been in the UK for just over 10 years with over 40 years history in the USA post Vietnam War. It is currently one of the fastest growing professions in the UK

Physician Associate training follows the medical model, similar to doctors, producing qualified and competent healthcare professionals. There are Physician Associates in various specialties in secondary care, with an estimated 1000 to join primary care by 2020.

Over 30 universities run this programme as a postgraduate Masters or diploma, with a varying duration of two years full-time or three years part-time. Most candidates are required to have an undergraduate degree in any life science, and ideally a good experience working with patients.

The profession is now part of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) with opportunities and access to resources and continuous professional development (CPD). It is currently under parliamentary review for professional regulation of the role and maintains a voluntary register under the Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA).

Support for PAs

In Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we have seven qualified Physician Associates working in several departments.

These include the Ambulatory Assessment Unit (AAU) under Acute General Medicine; Cardiothoracic, Haematology and Urology.

If you are interested in the Physician Associate profession, please email Chantal Vermenitch at the address below.


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