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Educational Supervisors

Since July 2016, all educational supervisors who supervise junior doctors have been required by the GMC to be trained for this role.


The Trust has over 400 educational supervisors supervising over 800 trainees across 50 specialties.


Chantal Vermenitch - Medical Education Manager

Aisling Hennessy - Medical Education Administrator


Educational Supervisor Champions

How do I become an educational supervisor?

Training requirements

Please email for details.

Links to the training

Supporting educational and clinical supervisors e-learning resource

Information for current educational supervisors

Educational supervisors are asked to demonstrate four hours of CPD a year of relevant educational activities. This is captured in the CPD section as part of the appraisal.

Educational activities for CPD can include (but are not restricted to) the following:

The Tripartite Agreement

The Tripartite Agreement clarifies the respective roles of Health Education Thames Valley (HETV), the Trust and the educational supervisor.

In brief, the role of HETV is to support the collation of relevant databases of ESs and identify and approve training programs, to collate feedback on educational supervision, review policies for quality assurance of training, and to communicate changes to national educational policies.

The broad role of the Trust is to share the relevant information to facilitate quality assurance, recruit, support and accredit trainers, ensure educational supervisors have time to access recognised training episodes (in their job plans), and provide local faculty support.

Junior doctors' contract 2016

Educational Supervisors' Teams Group

All recognised educational supervisors, once they have had their application approved, have access to the Teams Group where they can find additional resources such as YouTube videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Last reviewed:17 August 2023