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ME / Chronic Fatigue

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Feedback from patients

We value your views and invite feedback.

We regularly monitor our patients' satisfaction using anonymous questionnaires, but please feel free to contact us with your comments at any time.


Here are some completely anonymised comments from our patients.

"First point of contact was the physiotherapist - very optimistic/practical/helpful/ helped improve fitness/physical pain. Nine months into treatment I started work with the CBT therapist who has been exceptional! His expertise in helping to understand what CFS is, identify stress as a trigger and learn how to manage symptoms and recalibrate the way I perceive stress and pressure so that I no longer suffer from CFS has been incredible. His gentle manner, his expertise in helping me to come to the most helpful understanding of a situation myself rather than just telling me the answers and his skill at role playing stressful situations are incredible. I genuinely feel like my life has been completely turned round and I am incredibly grateful for that. My CBT therapist was at all times professional and supportive and I couldn't have asked for better care. Thank you so much!"

"I didn't know what to expect. Had to wait several months for CBT. Delighted that I was given enough sessions for me personally rather than a set number by which time I should be 'cured'. CBT has been very useful - lots of long-term implications."

"Very satisfied with the help and support of the Doctor, it has helped me try and resolve some of my issues. Many thanks to my therapist."

"I am a lot more confident in recognising and dealing with the fatigue. I have found the sessions helpful and been able to talk to my therapist is effective in putting the stressful situations at work into perspective."

"Although I wasn't sure what to expect with the service - in fact I was quite sceptical - it has helped me more than I could have hoped for. I really appreciate it. The physiotherapist has been extremely friendly and supportive."

"I have found the provision excellent. By the nature of CFS I might not have benefit 'tangibly' (to a huge extent) but the learning and knowledge and care has provided me with tools I need for making a continuing improvement and also for recognising when there is a danger of backsliding.

I feel I have been very fortunate to have had access to the therapy offered. I definitely believe that my condition has/had a significant personality/temperament dimension and that the condition has been much improved by appreciating and learning to address the mental/attitudinal aspects at play.

A huge thank you to everyone - especially my therapist: a very valuable and human - and much of the time - pleasurable experience."

"Excellent service has helped me manage my life more effectively giving me my quality of life back. Thank you very much."

Last reviewed:10 December 2021