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ME / Chronic Fatigue

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Therapy assessment

Your assessment will be a 60-90 minute individual appointment, to make an assessment of your needs and develop a plan of care.

During this time, we will discuss how ME/CFS is impacting on you, and how different aspects of your health and lifestyle are related to your symptoms.

We will talk about your goals, things that are important to you and what types of support you feel would be helpful.

Before your appointment we will also ask you to complete some questionnaires which help us to understand more about your symptoms and their impact. This assessment allows us to build an individualised plan.

We may also offer you ME/CFS management advice during this appointment.

Following your assessment, we will discuss with you the most appropriate next steps.

This might be treatment by us, or by another ME/CFS service or your GP.

Alternatively we may provide information about other services better able to meet your needs.

10 December 2021