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Oxfordshire Children's Diabetes Service

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October 2020

Support and advice for families

The website 'Families Under Pressure' has some very short videos (under 1 minute) with simple messages to help through challenging parenting issues and social distancing:

August 2019

Hypoglycemia information and resources

Hypoglycemia is the common acute complication of type 1 diabetes.

To know more about hypoglycemia: what it is, what are its symptoms, treatment, the effect on the developing brain, please read a very comprehensive ISPAD Guidelines chapter:

Assessment and management of hypoglycemia in children and adolescents with diabetes.

Watch the lecture 'Hypoglycaemia and brain development in toddlers'

August 2018

Pump uploading update: Medtronic has produced a guide for patients to set up Carelink. Video format / PDF format (1.2 MB)

Eye screening

Annual eye screening for young people from the age of 12 is an essential part of keeping healthy with diabetes. Although we offer this in annual review clinics at the John Radcliffe Hospital, this is unfortunately not possible at the OCDEM Transition Clinic or the Horton.

Some families choose their local optician, but not all opticians are part of the screening programme. Please ask one of the nursing team.

Patient leaflets

Altering Insulin Doses to Keep Good Control - Ten Top Tips (pdf)

Using an insulin pen (pdf)


Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young Adults 6th Edition

Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young Adults 6th Edition (20 Feb 2015)
by Ragnar Hanas

ISBN 1859595669

Can I tell you about Diabetes (Type 1)?

Can I Tell You about Diabetes (Type 1)?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals (21 Mar 2014)
by Julie Edge

ISBN 184905469X

Diabetes Through the Looking Glass

Diabetes Through the Looking Glass: Seeing diabetes from your child's perspective: A Book for Parents of Children with Diabetes (27 Jul 2009)
by Dr Rachel Besser

ISBN 1859592090

Last reviewed:21 August 2023