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Cellular Pathology

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UKAS Accreditation and Tests

UKAS accreditation


This symbol shows that our laboratories have passed full accreditation against ISO standard 15189:2012.

Laboratories based at the John Radcliffe Hospital under registration number 8415 and the specialised bone laboratory based at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre under registration number 8683.

Accreditation provides formal recognition that the Cellular Pathology Clinical Services Unit [CSU] at OUH is competent to perform Cytology, Histology and Post Mortem services [which are detailed in the scope of accreditation] in a reliable, credible and accurate manner.

The CSU undergoes inspection for conformance with internationally recognised standards of ISO15189:2012 [medical laboratory accrediation].

As an accredited service our users can have confidence in the quality of the results, their traceability, comparability, validity and commutability.

For more information on accreditation to ISO15189:2012, the process and benefits it brings, please see:

UKAS accredited tests

The Cytology, Histology, Mortuary and Nuffield teams have undergone UKAS accrediation against ISO 15189:2012.

Electron Microscopy are accredited by CPA [Clinical Pathology Accreditation] and are working towards ISO 15189:2012 standards.

The schedule of processes and tests that are accredited by UKAS can be found via the following links:

'Non-accredited' tests

As a dynamic department, that continually seeks to improve for the benefits of patients, there are a number of tests and processes that are being developed or amended between accreditation visits.

Until they have been ratified by the UKAS team, it must be made clear that these new/amended tests/processes are not accredited by UKAS.

To ensure that tests are introduced in a safe way, with sound, scientific reasoning, the department follows prescribed procedures of acceptance testing, validation and verification of any new, or amended process.

Test provided Tests / process variation
HPV Antibody different supplier used
Her 2 moved to the Ventana testing platform
P16 moved to the Ventana testing platform
Helicobacter Pylori moved to the Ventana testing platform
HHV8 moved to the Ventana testing platform
HPVish moved to the Ventana testing platform
ABDAS automated on to the DRS platform
DABPAS automated on to the DRS platform
PAS automated on to the DRS platform
PASD automated on to the DRS platform
AB skin automated on to the DRS platform