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Cellular Pathology

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Our team

Lead Clinician: Derek Roskell

Laboratory Manager: Mrs Sharon Roberts-Gant

Specialist teams

Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

Dr Zsolt Orosz

Breast and Endocrine Pathology

  • Dr Ben Phillips
  • Dr Derek Roskell
  • Dr Lucie Winter

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Pathology

  • Dr Mark McCole
  • Dr Slaveya Yancheva


  • Dr Olivia Espinosa
  • Dr Eleni Ieremia
  • Dr Chris Stonard

Gastrointestinal Pathology

  • Dr Eve Fryer
  • Dr Elena Collantes
  • Dr Caroline Hughes
  • Dr Ruchi Tandon
  • Dr Aniko Rendek
  • Dr Alistair Easton
  • Dr Natasha Onwu [Specialty Dr]

Gynaecological Pathology

  • Dr Stephen Damato
  • Dr Sunanda Dhar
  • Dr Sanjiv Manek
  • Dr Mark McCole
  • Dr Slaveya Yancheva
  • Dr Rosario Oliveira [Specialty Dr]


  • Prof Francesco Pezzella
  • Dr Daniel Royston
  • Dr Gareth Turner
  • Dr Gabrielle Rees

Head and Neck Pathology

  • Dr Ketan Shah
  • Dr Stephen Damato
  • Dr Kat Sheppard

Liver Pathology

  • Dr Eve Fryer
  • Dr Aniko Rendek

Paediatric Pathology

Dr Darren Fowler

Renal Pathology

  • Prof Ian Roberts
  • Dr Maria Soares [Specialty Dr]

Urological Pathology

  • Dr Clare Verrill
  • Dr Lisa Browning
  • Dr David Parham
  • Professor Ian Roberts
  • Dr Richard Colling

The department is supported by a dedicated team of:

  • junior doctors
  • biomedical scientists
  • anatomical pathology technicians
  • associate practitioners
  • biomedical support workers
  • secretarial and administrative staff.

Each of the laboratories and the mortuary are managed by an operational manager.

Last reviewed:07 December 2021