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In Oxford we offer three manufacturers:

Following a thorough assessment, we may make a recommendation about which implant system is best for you.

Unless there is a medical or physical reason why one system is recommended, you can choose which system you would prefer.

We will give you information about each manufacturer to take away and read in your own time. We will explain the differences between the manufacturers and show you models of the systems during your assessment.

Cochlear Implant systems from each manufacturer are not interchangeable. Once you have an implant from one manufacturer, you will need to continue to use their sound processors.

Adults and children with Cochlear Implant systems from all three manufacturers do equally well. There are differences in the way the implant systems process sound and deliver electrical signals to the cochlea. The external processors also look different and connect with different accessories.

Factors to consider

  • Size, fit and colour - two manufacturers offer an 'off ear' compatible option
  • Listening at work - different manufacturers offer different connectivity options
  • Ease of use - charging batteries, remote controls etc.
  • Swimming and sports - waterproof options and headbands
  • Music training programmes

Further information

We can put you in contact with people who have Cochlear Implants, so they can tell you about their experiences.

Please also visit:

British Cochlear Implant Group

Last reviewed:15 September 2023