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Our team

  • Rachel Humphriss
    Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Head of Audiology
  • Philip Gomersall
    Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Head of Adult Audiology
  • Eleanor Brook
    Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Audiology Training Lead
  • Thomas Underdown
    Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Adult Diagnostic Audiology Team Lead
  • Sarah Fox
    Specialist Audiologist, Adult Auditory Rehabilitation Team Lead
  • Lewis Deane
    Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Hearing Therapy Lead
  • Eleanor Mace
    Specialist Adult Audiologist
  • Kathryn Knibbs
    Specialist Adult Audiologist
  • Sarah Bottoms
    Specialist Adult Audiologist
  • Abigail Wallace
    Adult / Paediatric Clinical Scientist (Audiology)
  • Abigail Egid
    Adult / Paediatric Clinical Scientist (Audiology)
  • Brianna Ensor
    Locum Specialist Adult Audiologist
  • Saarah Sultan
    Adult Audiologist
  • Ana Beatriz Plaisted
    Associate Audiologist
  • Petra Mozsi
    Assistant Audiologist
Last reviewed:05 October 2023