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Nursing staff

All patients with cancer should have access to a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).

Clinical Nurse Specialist

He or she is usually present with the consultant when a diagnosis of cancer is given. If you are unsure if you have seen a CNS, please feel free to ask your consultant.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist works closely with hospital nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals to maximise the independence, dignity and quality of life of people suffering from cancer. He or she also liaises closely with community carers and family doctors (GPs) to ensure the highest quality of care at home.

You may see the Clinical Nurse Specialist when you are on the ward, whilst having surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment or at your outpatient appointments.

You will also be given contact details by your Clinical Nurse Specialist and they can be contacted by telephone 8.30am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

The office telephone is not manned, but there is an answerphone. We try to return your call the same working day, but if your message is left after 2.00pm it may not be until the following day.

If you have an urgent concern then your CNS can be contacted by bleep. Telephone the hospital switchboard on 0300 304 7777 and ask switch to bleep the nurse required. We do ask you bleep us only for urgent problems as we are likely to be in clinic seeing patients.

Unfortunately, there is no emergency service. If you are at home, please contact your GP. If you are in hospital, please speak to one of the nurses.

What they offer

  • A contact point for people with cancer at any stage
  • Advice and support for you, your relatives, carers and friends.
  • Advice about treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Information about your illness.
  • Advice on your continued care at home.
  • Someone to talk to about worries or problems.
  • Advice on relationship, fertility or sexual problems.
  • Advice on how to manage financial problems.

Benign Urology Nurse Team

(Urostomy, Intermittent Self-Catheterisation and Dilatation, Cystistat/iAluril, Men's Health, Urodynamics, Botox, One-stop LUTS Clinic, Lithotripsy and Stone Team)

  • Mrs Angharad Holloway
    Senior Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Ms Katie Taylor
    Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner
  • Ms Emily Grout
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Ms Susan Farrow
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Mrs Rowena Patiag-Southey
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Mrs Hayley Sinha
    T rainee Nurse Associate
  • Ms Elnor Beard-Morris
    Clinical Support Worker
  • Mrs Leona Dawson
    Clinical Support Worker
Urology Benign Nurse Team: 01865 234390

Lithotripsy and Stone Team: 01865 226723

Urology Triage (for urological emergencies): 01865 227205

Advanced Urology Nurse Practitioners

  • Ms Gillian Verrall
  • Mrs Teresa Campbell
  • Mrs Emily Grout
  • Ms Angharad Holloway
  • Mr James Whiteside

Urology Nurse Practitioners: 01865 572373

Uro-Oncology Specialist Nurses

  • Jacky Redgwell
  • Karena Le Monnier
  • Julie Binnee
  • Aneta Wicinska
  • Helen Osborne
  • Emma Lewith
  • Tracy Purnell
    Macmillan Clinical Support Worker

Tel: 01865 572374
Monday to Friday 8.00am - 4.00pm

If urgent call Switchboard: 0300 304 7777 Bleep 5163

Prostate Brachytherapy Senior Specialist Nurse

Yun Wang

  • Monday to Wednesday Prostate Brachytherapy Specialist Nurse: 01865 235473 / Bleep 5088
  • Thursday to Friday Radiotherapy Specialist Nurse: 01865 235472

Last reviewed:19 July 2022