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Research and Development

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Funding and costing


The Sponsor is an institution or organisation that takes on the legal responsibility for the initiation and management of the research study, but is not necessarily the funder. Depending on the type of study you have there may not always be a financial implication to running the study.

Does my study require funding?

Generally, for CTIMPs, device and interventional clinical research studies, there will be some costs associated with running the study. The cost for a study is not limited to the cost of the study procedure; there may be additional costs to be incorporated into your funding application.

For example:

  • production, labelling and packaging of the study medicines
  • statistical services
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) monitoring
  • pharmacy and R&D set up costs
  • code breaking services
  • resources required for coordination of the trial
  • archiving costs
  • CTA application fee.

For all studies, but especially clinical trials, you should contact R&D Finance team as early as possible. The costing review process can occur alongside the sponsor review for any study.

This is only one of a number of services provided by the OUH R&D finance team; please refer to the following page for further details.