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Research and Development

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About us

Role and remit

The Research and Development Department consists of three teams:

  • R&D Governance
  • R&D Contracts & IP
  • R&D Finance

The role of the Research and Development teams is to support and facilitate high quality research, and to ensure that the interests of participants, researchers and the Trust are protected, through adherence to the local and national regulatory frameworks.

The teams provide support throughout the research journey by:

  • contributing to grant applications;
  • taking on the role of sponsor for certain studies;
  • making sure contracts are in place to ensure that the legal responsibilities of researchers are clearly documented;
  • checking projects are adequately funded and ensuring no cost falls upon the NHS;
  • providing local Trust Management Approval, including assessment of capability and capacity to deliver the research;
  • providing training in GCP and other research related courses;
  • other various activities to maintain oversight of compliance in research.

Research Governance is needed to:

  • safeguard participants in research;
  • protect researchers / investigators by providing a clear framework within which to work;
  • enhance ethical and scientific quality;
  • mitigate risk;
  • monitor practice and performance, to promote good practice.

R&D Bulletin

The R&D Department issues a regular monthly news bulletin: please sign up via the link below.

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