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Physiotherapy at the NOC

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Exercise classes

Physiotherapy at the NOC offers a number of exercise classes aimed specifically at people who are undergoing treatment with our physiotherapists. You may be referred to one of the following classes as part of your treatment.

Same-sex changing rooms, lockers and showers are available for all classes. Participants are encouraged to come dressed in clothes suitable for exercising.

Lower limb class

This class is for people with lower limb problems. It is generally for end stages of rehabilitation and a great way to help re-introduce more demanding activities of daily living or sport. The class entails a circuit of exercises, all of which are appropriate for all levels of fitness / all stages of rehabilitation.

These classes take place twice a week in the Physiotherapy Gym, on Tuesdays and Fridays 8.00am - 9.00am. A course comprises six weeks' worth of sessions.

If you have lower limb problem from injury or surgery, your physiotherapist may invite you to attend classes aimed to improve muscular strength and general fitness.

General rehabilitation class

General rehabilitation classes are available to progress patients' rehabilitation with advice and support and to give them the opportunity to exercise once a week under supervision and build fitness and confidence. The treating physiotherapist provides the patient with an initial programme, and this is monitored and progressed by the gym therapist over the course of the sessions.

The General Rehabilitation Class runs on a Thursday 3.30pm - 4.30pm.

Pilates Class

Your treating physiotherapist may feel that it is appropriate to refer you to Pilates. This class is run by physiotherapists training in teaching Pilates. The class is an introductory class which introduces you to Pilates based exercises. The class runs on Monday mornings 8am to 9am.