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Neurological Rehabilitation outpatient referrals

Patients who are at home or elsewhere in the community (including nursing homes) needing ongoing outpatient neurological rehabilitation should be referred through this route.

The following points need to be considered:

  • ongoing outpatient rehabilitation is only practical or worthwhile for patients within about 30 miles of the Centre
  • the available rehabilitation expertise primarily relates to neurological conditions
  • the services cover almost all aspects of a patient's problems including their psychological and emotional problems.

Making a referral

Any patient needing assessment and advice should be referred using the OCE referral form:

Specific information that should be given includes:

  • a list of all the medication prescribed (drug name, dose and times), particularly if the patient is likely to need to take medication while away from home
  • confirmation of the diagnosis and how certain it is, because patients are not necessarily seen here by a doctor for diagnostic purposes
  • any particular matters concerning transport and travel
  • the patient's needs in terms of feeding, transferring and toileting (important in terms of balancing the case mix of patients seen on any particular day).

New referrals are considered on a weekly basis, and the potential outcomes are:

  • offered day hospital attendance, usually four or six attendances over four or six weeks
  • offered single profession outpatient appointment
  • seen medically as an outpatient before final decision
  • referral transferred to a community service, usually specialist community physiotherapy
  • referral transferred to another more appropriate service.

Direct referral to outpatient therapy

If you wish to refer directly to outpatient physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or and speech and language therapy, please use the shorter outpatient therapy referral form.

OCE Outpatient Therapy Referral Form (Word, 39 KB)