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AlertCoronavirus / COVID-19

If you have a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell, do not come to our hospitals. Follow the national advice.

Please find information on our services and visiting restrictions in our COVID-19 section.

Patients and visitors must wear a face covering in our hospitals.

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Our team

Below is an overview of your visit to the Oxford clinic and a chance for you to get to know the professionals before you meet them on the day.

You may see all or some of these professionals when you visit the clinic. Oxford University Hospitals is a teaching trust, and observers may be in clinic. If you feel you would prefer this not to be the case, please let us know.

Medical review

In the medical review you will meet the Consultant Geneticist and Consultant Neurologist, who will explain more about why you have been referred to the NF2 Service.

We will need to take a full history from you about your own health and that of your family, talk to you about your symptoms and examine you in relation to these. The neurological examination will include moving your limbs, looking at your co-ordination and testing your strength and reflexes. The physical examination will include looking for any features specific to NF2 such as lumps or marks found on the skin or underneath the skin.

  • Dr Allyson Parry
    Consultant Neurologist (NF2 Lead)
    Dr Allyson Parry
  • Dr Dorothy Halliday
    Consultant Geneticist (NF2 Lead)
    Dr Dorothy Halliday
  • Dr Saleel Chandratre
    Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Genetic counselling review

The role of a genetic counsellor is to provide you with information and help you to make decisions about the genetic aspects of condition such as NF2. The NF2 Genetic Counsellor may contact you before you are seen in clinic to find out some information about your family history. Genetic counsellors can talk to you about how NF2 might be relevant to other family members and discuss ways of sharing that information with relatives. They can also provide information around the options available when planning a family.

  • Anita Matadeen
    Genetic Counsellor

Surgical review (Neurosurgery, ENT)

You may see a surgeon who will be able to discuss the treatments that are available for the benign tumours that NF2 can cause. The surgeon will explain the procedures and any associated risks or benefits. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions.

  • Mr Richard Kerr
    Consultant Neurosurgeon
    Mr Richard Kerr
  • Mr Sam MacKeith
    Consultant ENT Surgeon
    Mr Sam MacKeith
  • Mr Sanjeeva Jeyaretna
    Consultant Neurosurgeon

Plastic surgery review

You may see a plastic surgeon who will be able to discuss the treatments that are available.

  • Mr Henk Giele
    Consultant Plastic Surgeon
    Mr Henk Giele
  • Ms Lucy Cogswell
    Consultant Plastic Surgeon
    Ms Lucy Cogswell

Psychology review

Clinical Psychologists offer support to you and your family at whatever stage of treatment it may be needed. They are available to discuss the emotional impact of living with NF2 and work with you to maximise your coping and quality of life.

Read more about our Clinical Psychologists

  • Dr May Quarmby
    Clinical Psychologist
    Ms May Quarmby
  • Dr Louise Dalton
    Consultant Clinical Psychologist
    Ms Louise Dalton

Nursing review

The Advanced Nurse Practitioner's role is to provide support to you and your family and carers, by being present at clinic appointments, visiting you in hospital and at home and answering queries or concerns on the telephone or by email. They can provide general information on NF2, specific information on surgery and treatments and practical help with applying for benefits or equipment at home. They can also direct you to local and national resources.

  • Ms Anne May
    Senior Advanced Nurse Practitioner
    Ms Anne May
  • Ms Wendy Howard
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner
    Ms Wendy Howard
  • Ms Carolyn Redman
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner (based in Southampton)
    Ms Carolyn Redman

Audiology review (Level LG1)

In the audiology review you will meet the Audiologist and/or Hearing Therapist. You will have a hearing test as part of your appointment. Hearing tests are usually carried out annually so they can be compared from year to year. The hearing therapist can advise and assess you on your hearing and any appropriate aids.

If appropriate, you may be referred for other appointments in Audiology if you are considering a hearing implant or have an implant which requires tuning & maintenance.

  • Mr Lee James
  • Ms Eleanor Mace
    Hearing Therapist
  • Mr James Ramsden
    Consultant ENT Surgeon (Otology and Hearing Loss)
    Mr James Ramsden
  • Jane Humphries
    Hearing Implant Coordinator

Eye Review (Level LG1)

The eye review looks at vision loss. This affects up to a third of individuals with NF2, and especially important in the context of hearing loss. Vision loss is often preventable with timely eye examination and treatment. This includes management of cataracts, corneal surface problems after intracranial surgery, double vision and the visual consequences of raised intra cranial pressure.

  • Ms Sri Sharma
    Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
  • Ms Caroline Dodridge

Physiotherapy Review (Level 2)

The Physiotherapist will look at balance issues, difficulty walking/mobilising or maintaining your fitness. They can assess and provide an individual exercise programme to improve these and also enable you to access treatment and advice on exercise to maximise your function.

  • Ms Kate Browne
    Ms Kate Browne