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NF2 Support - Physiotherapy


The Physiotherapist will help you access treatment and advise on exercise to maximise your function.

They will look at any of the following issues in detail with you.

Balance (vestibular)

  • Veering when walking
  • Increased support base
  • Difficulty fixing eyes on objects

Balance (central)

  • Wider support base standing
  • Increased backward sway in standing
  • Weak abdominal muscles


  • Muscle weakness / altered sensation

Weakness arms or legs


  • Altered walking pattern
  • Reduced walking distance
  • Increased energy of walking
  • Decreased activity levels / fitness
  • Risk of falls

Facial muscle weakness leading to reduced visual field

Physiotherapy goals

  • Assess your issues and review when appropriate both individually and in clinic.
  • Liaise with specialist nurse and ascertain if you have a high volume of medical appointments to arrange to meet on another site.
  • Treat / provide rehabilitation (vestibular, general rehabilitation, neurophysiotherapy).
  • Enable access to activities / sport via referral or advice often contacting authorities on your behalf.
  • Refer locally to Community Physiotherapy, Neurophysiotherapy and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy if you require locally-based Physiotherapy.
  • Refer to other health professionals where required, such as Occupational Therapy, or Orthotics for splinting and insoles.
  • Arrange further splinting via Hand Therapy.
  • Liaise with Facial Palsy Nurse as required.