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Anaesthetic Fellowships

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NeuroAnaesthesia and Neurointensive Care

Clinical Curriculum

Fellows gain experience in anaesthetic management of wide spectrum of neurosurgical procedures consisting of evacuation of obstructing lesions, neuro-oncological surgery (awake and asleep craniotomies, trans-sphenoidal pituitary surgery), cerebrovascular surgery (AVMs, aneurysms, intracranial bypass procedures), functional neurosurgery (epilepsy, deep brain stimulation), interventional neuroradiology (embolisation, mechanical thrombectomy) and major spine surgery including deformity corrections in cooperation with spinal orthopaedic surgeons. In addition, experience in intraoperative evoked potentials monitoring will be a part of the clinical learning. Lastly, the Fellows will gain experience of Neuro-intensive care and looking after patients in a large tertiary referral centre.

On-Call Duties

Fellows will participate in general emergency on-call duties at a frequency of approximately 1 in 8 in the West Wing.


Research opportunities include clinical neuroanaesthesia outcome studies, mechanism of anaesthetics, effects of anaesthesia on neuro-electrophysiology, and functional neuroimaging.


Regular education sessions will be arranged within the department with Consultants and Registrars. In addition there are regular departmental Morbidity and Mortality meetings the Fellows are encouraged to attend and present in.

Neuroanaesthetists within the Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics:

  • Dr Vivian Addy
  • Dr Awat Aziz
  • Dr George Hadjipavlou
  • Dr Helen Hann
  • Dr Andrew McGill
  • Dr Angus McKnight
  • Dr Nick Hingley
  • Dr Payashi Garry
  • Dr Thomas Parry
  • Dr Orlando Warner
  • Dr Jane Quinlan
  • Dr Sally Wheatley
  • Dr Simon Yarrow
  • Dr Rebecca Wilde (Paediatric)
  • Dr Chandrika Sathasivam (Paediatric)
  • Dr Lara Prisco (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Mhairi Speirs (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Jon Westbrook (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Chris Kearns (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Simon Raby (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Martin Birch (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Karina Fitzgibbon (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Birte Feix (Neuro ICU)
  • Dr Richard Siviter (Neuro ICU)

Oxford Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology

Oxford is a world-renowned neurosurgical centre of both clinical and academic excellence. The John Radcliffe is a regional tertiary neurosurgical centre which serves a catchment area for approximately 2 million people in the Thames Valley.

The Oxford neurosurgical department prides itself in providing world class care and pioneering techniques in neurosurgical practice, including the well-established deep brain stimulation service, skull base and pituitary service, epilepsy surgery and awake craniotomy for intra-axial brain tumours.


The neurosurgical team working in Oxford comprises:

  • Mr Jay Jayamohan (Paediatric)
  • Mr Amadeo Calisto (Paediatric)
  • Mr Shailendra Magdum (Paediatric)
  • Mr Timothy Lawrence (Paediatric)
  • Ms Jane Halliday (Skull base)
  • Mr Sanjeeva Jeyaretna (Skull base)
  • Mr Mario Ganau (Spinal)
  • Mr Stewart Griffiths (Spinal)
  • Mr Murtaza Sikander (Spinal)
  • Miss Stana Bojanic (Spinal)
  • Mr Puneet Plaha (Neuro-oncology)
  • Mr Vasileios Apostolopoulos (Neuro-oncology)
  • Mr Richard Stacey (Pituitary and Neuro-oncology)
  • Mr Jash Patel (Vascular)
  • Mr Alex Green (Functional)
  • Mr James Fitzgerald (Functional)
  • Professor Tipu Aziz (Functional)


Oxford also provides a comprehensive neuroradiology service, with approximately 350 major diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed per year, including endovascular treatment of aneurysms and AVMs, embolization of tumours, angiography and angioplasty. It is also becoming established as an acute stroke thrombectomy centre. Interventional radiologists working at the John Radcliffe include

  • Dr Rufus Corkill
  • Dr Maurizio Fuschi
  • Dr Wilhelm Kuker
  • Dr Victoria Young

Neurosurgical theatres are based on Level 1 of the West Wing. There is also 0730-1730 Monday – Friday cover for Neuroradiology in the Neuroradiology suite, also in the West Wing. Neurosurgical operating is usually as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Theatre 8 Neuro Paeds Griffiths Neuro Paeds Green Halliday
Theatre 11 Jeyaretna Sikander Aziz Patel Apostolopoulos
Theatre 12 Cudlip Bojanic Stacey Plaha Plaha


Dr Payashi Garry

Head of Neuroanaesthesia Fellowship Programme Email: