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High Risk Maternity Services, John Radcliffe Hospital, referrals

We have a range of services at the John Radcliffe Women's Centre for the assessment, treatment and follow-up of potentially high risk pregnancies.

The Silver Star Unit and the Fetal Medicine Unit administratively make up the Feto-Maternal Medicine Unit (FMMU). We share the space and some staff, but we run our services and clinics separately.

The Silver Star Unit


  • Catherine Greenwood
  • Deborah Harrington
  • Lucy Mackillop

The Silver Star Unit looks after women with maternal medical conditions, either incidental to the pregnancy and often pre-existing, e.g. hypertension or epilepsy; or as a result of the pregnancy, e.g. pre-eclampsia. We also look after women at risk of recurrent early onset preeclampsia.

Referrals can be made by letter or fax. Please note that we are oversubscribed and that not all women referred meet our criteria. Therefore we may refer some patients on for consultant care.

Pre-pregnancy counselling

All consultants provide this service. This service provides advice on optimal planning of pregnancy for women with pre-existing medical conditions, those on long term medication, and for women with previous poor pregnancy outcome.
Early pregnancy care

The early pregnancy clinic takes referrals for women who have had three or more miscarriages. Women may self refer if they have been seen and investigated in a recurrent miscarriage clinic. Women will be seen after six weeks of pregnancy.

Joint Obstetric Medicine / Cardiology Clinic

This monthly clinic provides specialist care in conjunction with Oliver Ormerod (Consultant Cardiologist) for women with significant cardiac disease. Women with suspected or mild cardiac disease (e.g. history of ASD or mitral valve prolapse), may be referred to the Rapid Access Maternal Medical Clinic for an initial assessment prior to placement in this clinic if required.

Rapid Access Maternal Medicine Clinic

This clinic provides urgent medical review for women with new or worsening medical symptoms. This clinic aims to see all referred women within two weeks. Please fax or telephone the Silver Star office.

The Diabetes Clinic


  • Anita Makins, Obstetrician
  • Jonathan Levy, Diabetologist

This combined clinic provides specialist care for all diabetic women (type 1, type 2, previous gestational diabetes and newly diagnosed gestational diabetes).

Please send referrals to Silver Star, for the attention of:

  • Katy Bartlett: 01865 851039

The Fetal Medicine Unit


  • Lawrence Impey
  • Rebecca Black
  • Catherine Greenwood
  • Deborah Harrington
  • Nicky Manning

The Fetal Medicine Unit looks after women whose babies are at high risk of, or have, serious problems. These include complicated twin and higher order multiple pregnancies, those with fetal structural abnormalities and women at high risk of premature birth.

Pregnancy care

GP referrals can be made by letter, telephone or fax to the unit. Please note that many of our patients are tertiary referrals and most patients are referred from other hospitals or internally.

If referred patients do not meet our criteria, we may refer some patients on for normal consultant care.
Pre-pregnancy counselling

All consultants provide this service. We provide this service specifically for women with previous severe preterm delivery.

Preterm Labour Clinic

This clinic manages women at risk of preterm labour – usually due to previous late miscarriage or preterm birth or previous cervical surgery.

Joint Fetal Medicine / Paediatric Surgery

This monthly clinic aims to see all those babies in whom postnatal surgery is anticipated. Plans for delivery are made jointly by the obstetrician, paediatrician and paediatric surgeon.

Oxford Prenatal Diagnosis Unit

Obstetric consultants

  • Paul Chamberlain
  • Pauline Hurley
  • Lawrence Impey
  • Catherine Greenwood
  • Rebecca Black
  • Deborah Harrington
  • Clinical Geneticist
  • Jane Hurst

Fetal Cardiology consultants

  • Nicky Manning
  • Nick Archer

This unit offers specialist scanning and a full range of invasive procedures backed up by a genetic counselling service. Referral may be made for any previous chromosomal, genetic or structural abnormality, a family history of genetic disease or a family history of first degree relative of the fetus with a congenital heart problem. Scanning and counselling is also available for women taking medications in pregnancy that are either known teratogens, or literature is sparse.

Ongoing pregnancies (after 20 weeks) with serious fetal abnormalities or problems are referred on to the Fetal Medicine Unit.

Fetal cardiology

Appointments are made through the Prenatal Diagnosis department for any pregnancies considered to be at an increased risk for a fetal cardiac problem, both structural and functional.

Pre-pregnancy counselling

Women with a previous chromosomal, genetic or structural abnormality, or a family history of genetic disease can be referred to the Prenatal Diagnosis Unit.

Oxford Rhesus Therapy Unit

Consultant: Pauline Hurley

Pauline Hurley accepts referrals for all those pregnancies affected with anti-D and other antibodies. She can be contacted through:

  • Linda Fletcher: 01865 222969

Contact us

  • Silver Star and Fetal Medicine Units
    Level 6, Women's Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital
    Headley Way
    Oxford OX3 9DU

    Tel: 01865 221710 (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm)
    Fax: 01865 228998
  • Prenatal Diagnosis Unit
    Level 2, Women's Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital
    Headley Way
    Oxford OX3 9DU

    Tel: 01865 221716
    Fax: 01865 221164
  • Department of Clinical Genetics
    Churchill Hospital
    Old Road
    Oxford OX3 7LE

    Tel: 01865 226066 / 226020
    Fax 01865 226011
    Obstetric secretary (all consultants): Linda Fletcher
  • Level 4, Women's Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital
    Headley Way
    Oxford OX3 9DU

    Tel 01865 222969
    Fax: 01865 221188

Please note that contacting an individual consultant by letter or phone will result in the appropriate allocation being made.


Silver Star Unit

  • Miss Catherine Greenwood
    Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetomaternal Medicine
  • Miss Deborah Harrington
    Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetomaternal Medicine
  • Dr Lucy Mackillop
    Locum Consultant in Maternal Medicine
  • Miss Anita Makins
    Obstetric Consultant specialising in Diabetes
    Fetal Medicine Unit
  • Mr Lawrence Impey
    Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine
  • Mrs Rebecca Black
    Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine
  • Dr Nicky Manning
    Associate Specialist in Fetal Cardiology

All doctors are available via email –


  • Alison Wright
  • Carolyn Gleeson
  • Katy Bartlett
  • Vicky Warr
  • Lisa Buck
  • Hannah Dominey

Support staff

  • June Jennings
  • Debbie Sunderland
  • Maggie Findlay
  • Ann Day
  • Pat Peters
  • Kathleen McCarthy
  • Linda Fletcher
  • Bronwen Meredith
  • Linda Smith

Oxford Prenatal Diagnosis Unit

  • Dr Paul Chamberlain
    Consultant Obstetrician
  • Dr Jane Hurst
    Consultant Geneticist


  • Helen Gregory
  • Kay Randall
  • Jackie Lovstrom