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Welcome to the Oxford Centre for Enablement

The Oxford Centre for Enablement specialises in all aspects of disability and rehabilitation including clinical, education, research, and policy.  It aims to help patients, clinicians/clinical services, researchers, educationalists, commissioners and anyone involved in designing or developing rehabilitation services. 

The centre's primary goal is to ensure that each person with persisting disability and/or distress arising from disease or damage achieves the best level of social integration possible, whilst also considering equitable, fair allocation of limited resources.

There are a number of specific services within OCE:

  • specialist neurological rehabilitation for inpatients and out-patients;
  • assistive technology services such as prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs;
  • more generalised services, largely on an out-patient basis.

Services include:

  • Rehabilitation: assessment and advice, specific treatments and therapies, and supporting people over their lifetime if needed.
  • Education: both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as professional training at all levels.
  • Research: primarily supporting and in collaboration with university departments.
  • Information: on any and all aspects of disability and rehabilitation

If you have or are interested in or know someone with longer term disability then you are always welcome to make contact to see if we can help. Our goal is always to give a helpful reply, even if we cannot act directly.

More about us

Funded primarily through the NHS, the centre is also suitable for patients with other sources of funding. It links closely with many local specialist services and the wider Oxfordshire community working with organisations in the statutory and voluntary sections as well as commercial organisations. The centre has close links with local universities and other adademic departments further afield.

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Please contact us if you have any queries. We are happy to help.

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