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Bipolar Priority Setting

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Why do we need your help?

This project is being set up to identify unanswered questions about bipolar - its causes, diagnosis, treatment, care and prognosis. New technologies and approaches to understanding bipolar are becoming increasingly available.

These advances expand the scope of research making it more important than ever that future research is guided by people with personal or professional experience of bipolar.

The direction of research is often set by researchers or by the drug industry. We want to enable patients, carers, family members and the health and social care professionals who look after those with bipolar to have their say, so that future research is aligned with what matters to everyone whose life is affected by bipolar. What questions do you think researchers should be working on?

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National survey

Find out more about our survey.

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What will we do with your questions?

All the questions we have received will be gathered, grouped by topic and checked against published research to see if they have already been answered. If we find answers to any questions we will use this website to ensure the answers are made known to those to whom they will be useful.

The questions which have not already been answered will be ranked to find out which are the most important. This process will involve those directly affected by bipolar, family members, carers and health and social care professionals. If you are interested in taking part in this, tell us in section two of the survey. 

This process generates a 'top 10' list of research questions. These will be published and shared publicly.
We will then work together with researchers and research funders and where appropriate, the pharmaceutical industry, so that research is conducted to find the answers to these questions.

The JLA will facilitate this process and ensure transparency, accountability and fairness.

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