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Question & answers

Does vaccination really work?

The World Health Organisation cites clean water and vaccination as the two interventions that have the greatest impact on public health - vaccination works. Trivalent season influenza vaccines generally give 60-80% protection against infection.

I had the vaccination last year, do I have to have it again this year?

If you were vaccinated last year you helped to fight the flu and took an extra step towards excellent patient care. Please do the same again this year. You won't be protected against the new strains of circulating flu.

Who can I contact if I have questions about being vaccinated?

Please contact the Centre for Health and Wellbeing on 01865 223325.

Do I have to sign a consent form to get the flu vaccination?

Yes. You can either download using the following link, or wait and fill one in prior to being immunised.

I'm pregnant, can I be vaccinated against flu?

Pregnant women can have the flu vaccination at any stage of their pregnancy. Having the vaccination when pregnant is beneficial and helps protect the baby from flu over the first few months of life.

Where are the staff clinics being held (including dates/times).