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Orthotics service

An orthosis refers to a piece of equipment that is used to support a part of the body. They include splints and calipers, and many other pieces of equipment. Some orthoses are available "off-the-shelf", but many need to be made to measure.

For most people the need for an orthosis is identified by the clinical specialist or general practitioner involved. This person will make a referral to the Orthotics service.

Most patients will be seen on an outpatient basis by an orthotist. In some cases a patient may be seen in a clinic run jointly between an orthotist and a clinical specialist such as an orthopaedic surgeon or a physiotherapist.

For many patients an orthosis is only needed in the short term. However some patients depend upon them in the long-term. When an orthosis becomes broken or older and unreliable, then the patient can make contact to have it reassessed and replaced.

A patient may make contact with the Department if there is a particular problem with their orthosis on 01865 xxx

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The orthotics services is based in the Tebbit Centre at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (next to OCE).

Referrals and funding

How to make a referral