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These documents will help you support your child at school.

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Carbohydrate counting at school

Schools across Oxfordshire with meals provided by 'Food Matters' have the option of two menu cycles this term - either 'Same' or 'Varied'.

Please check which one your school has opted for and use the information as a guide.

Carbohydrate content of meals have been provided for most items, however Food Matters has not been able to accurately count some items. In these instances we suggest using similar meals in Carbs and Cals, with a pre-set portion weight to guide carbohydrate calculations.

Primary schools

Most primary schools in Oxfordshire have their lunches provided by 'Food and More' (Carillion plc) and follow a three week cycle. Food and More has a choice of three different menus, so you will need to check with your school which menu they have chosen.

Food and More has provided the carbohydrate content of the meals:

The nutritional information provides a guide for expected portion sizes but you will need to check that your child's school is providing these portions before using the carbohydrate count listed.

Some schools will be able to weigh final portions; others will be using judgement to divide into portions. We have also provided a per carbohydrate per 100g portion should you wish to use this.

If your child's school does not use Food and More, we suggest meeting with the school caterers to discuss how lunches may be carbohydrate-counted.

Some schools are happy to weigh set portions of foods to ensure consistency in carbohydrate content.

Secondary schools

It can be tricky to work out the carbohydrate content of lunches provided at secondary schools, especially in the busy canteen when you are in a rush to join your friends.

Some schools are able to provide carbohydrate content of their foods or will have labels on packs of things that you buy.

You could use an app, like Carbs and Cals, on your phone.


Alternatively print out the list below, which gives you an average carb count of the types of foods you might buy (based on average portions in a number of different secondary schools in Oxford).