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A-Z of Useful information for residents

Access to Headington

Oxfordshire County Council’s Access to Headington work on the Roosevelt Drive/Gipsy Lane junction is expected to be complete by mid-February 2017. Work on the Energy Link at the Churchill site will begin shortly afterwards. Vital Energi is co-ordinating its work on Churchill Drive and Old Road with Access to Headington.

Access to houses

Pedestrian access to properties will be kept open at all times. Emergency vehicles will have access at all times. If you need access to your home for any reason, please speak to the security guard as soon as possible to arrange this.

Christmas holidays

There will be no work 23 December 2016 - 2 January 2017. All trenches will be closed up.


All the rubble and dirt will be removed and work sections cleaned down regularly. The road will be left in a high quality condition as approved by the County Council.


Vital Energi and OUH will answer emails and phone calls promptly, hold monthly residents’ liaison meetings, update this website and Twitter. Residents will receive a letter two weeks before work begins outside their property with information on parking, emergency contact details and advice on what to do if you believe your property has been damaged by the work.

Complaints about the Energy Link work

If you have a complaint, please speak to on-site staff in the first instance as they are best placed to assess the situation and discuss a suitable solution. Should you wish to take the complaint further:

Email: Oxford-Energy-Link@vitalenergi.co.uk
Tel: Jo Lennon on 07342 086843 (9.00am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday only).

Disabled access

There will be a designated disabled drop-off zone at each end of the work sections and Vital Energi staff will be available to discuss the needs of the vulnerable/disabled living along the route on an individual basis.

Emergency access

There will be 24-hour emergency access to homes. If you have called the emergency services to your home, please speak to any member of staff in the work section or security staff as soon as possible and they will take appropriate action.

Hours of work on the trench

Work hours will normally be 8.00am to 5.00pm. Weekend working is only planned on London Road and Old Road (as required by Oxfordshire County Council). No night work is planned.

Lime Walk

28 November - 16 December 2016: there will be three-way temporary traffic lights at the chicane/ All Saints Road junction.

2 January - 17 March 2017: Lime Walk will be one-way northbound from Old Road down to the chicane. To enable the traffic to flow efficiently, some parking spaces will be suspended while each section is being dug. From the chicane towards London Road, traffic remains two-way and parking is unaffected.

Noise and light

Cutting the work section’s road surfaces will be done by a Diamond Drill, which will help reduce noise. Similar work undertaken at the John Radcliffe recently did not cause noise disruption in adjacent wards and offices. There will be no floodlighting at night in the work sections.

Old Road/London Road

Whilst work is underway, these roads will remain open for two-way traffic with temporary traffic lights. Weekends will be worked on these sections to reduce the time spent on these busy roads.


There will be a drop-off zone at each end of the work section and a manned security cabin. On-site staff will help residents/delivery staff as and when required.


Pavements will be kept open on both sides of the road at all times.


Visitor’s parking permits will be issued to any resident on the route of the pipeline over the age of 17 (regardless of whether they have a vehicle or not) upon production of a completed online application form and supporting official proof of residency.

Permit enquiries can be made online at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/headington-hospital-energy-pipeline-work or by phone 01865 815649.

There will also be a lockable, temporary, car park at the John Radcliffe solely for residents. Temporary residents’ spaces will also be available at the Churchill. Information about parking provisions will be included in letters to residents two weeks before each work section starts.

Road Closures

With the exception of Lime Walk, residential roads will be closed to through traffic and County Council-approved signage will advise motorists that these roads are closed. However, residents can continue to access their streets because only the working/trenched section of the road will be impassable.

Safety and security

Work sections will be enclosed with climb-proof Heras fencing with locked gates at each end. There will be a manned security cabin in the work section for 24-hour security of the trench, assistance to residents and to facilitate access for emergency services if needed.

Electric car / vehicle charging point

There will be one charging point for electric vehicles in the John Radcliffe temporary car park.

Weekend working

Weekend work has been requested by the County Council on London Road and Old Road to reduce the time spent on these busy routes. No other weekend work is allowed or planned.

Wheelie bins

When your property has a work section in front of it, please leave your wheelie bins in the usual place outside your property by 5.00pm the evening before they are normally collected. Vital Energi staff will take your bins to the end of the work section for collection. Once they have been emptied, Vital Energi staff will return your bins outside your property.

Please number your bins clearly so that they can be placed outside the correct house. Please speak to Vital Energi on site staff if you have any ‘special pick-up provisions’, for example, if you are disabled.

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