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Frequently asked questions

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The Energy Link in Headington

How long will the Energy Link work take?

Approximately 17 weeks on residential roads and a further 11 weeks on Churchill Drive. However, this could change so please follow us on Twitter @OUH_Energy #OUHEnergy for updates

Will there be weekend or night time work on the route?

Normal hours will be 8.00am - 5.00pm and no evening or weekend working, with the exception of London Road and Old Road where the County Council has requested that weekend works are used to minimise the duration of disruption.

How large will the trench be, and what about all the other cables, drains, sewage?

The trench is approximately two metres wide; the outside diameter of the pipework is approximately 350mm; the communication and power conduits are each approximately 150mm diameter.

A full survey of the roads has been carried out and all the existing utilities and services mapped so that the trench avoids disrupting them. The trench position varies within the road to coordinate with the existing services, so it will not be exactly straight along any road. The longest work section is 120 metres.

Why can't the pipe be laid in the pavement, not the road?

Unfortunately, the pavements are congested with existing power, gas, water, communication and data cabling, which means there is no clear route. In addition the trench and excavation are wider than the pavements which could present difficulties with trees, existing garden walls, gateways and driveways.

What traffic management plans are in place to mitigate the extra traffic in neighbouring streets?

Vital Energi, the County Council Highways Authority, the City Council and Local Councillors have held detailed discussions about the Construction Traffic Management Plan and, as it is a 'live document', it can be adapted at any point if it is necessary. County Council approved signage will be used to alert drivers to road closures and diversions.

Is Vital Energi working with Access to Headington?

Yes, Vital Energi, Access to Headington, OUH and other contractors on the route are working collaboratively to ensure that all the works are co-ordinated.

What provision is being made for cyclists and pedestrians?

Cyclists should be able to pass the work sections, but may be asked to dismount in places where access is tight. All pedestrian footpaths will be kept open.

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Please see the A-Z of useful information for residents.

Parking in all the neighbouring streets could become very congested so what provision is being made for this?

There is be a temporary car park at the John Radcliffe Hospital for residents directly affected by the Energy Link outside their homes. From 2 January, there will be a further 6 spaces reserved for residents at the Churchill Hospital. Instructions on access to these car parks will be included in the letters sent to residents two weeks before work starts outside their homes.

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Please see the A-Z of useful information for residents.

What if I am moving house in the future or expecting a large delivery, how will I get it to the house?

Please speak to a member of staff working on the Energy Link as soon as you can. Alternatively, please email your concerns to the dedicated Energy Project email address and Vital Energi will contact you direct about arrangements:

Will the ambulance and fire service be able to get to my house?

The emergency vehicles will have access to all properties and this will be coordinated by 24/7 staff /security presence on the site during the works.

What provision is there for disabled or infirm to reach their properties?

Please email your concerns to the dedicated Energy Project email address and Vital Energi will contact you direct about arrangements:

Will access to roads off the route be affected?

Access to all roads, streets and closes off the route (including Lime Grove, Nursery Close, Cecil Sharpe Place, The Brambles, Barrington Close, McMaster House and St Luke's Hospital) will be kept open during the work.

Will residents in roads off the route be eligible for the County Council visitors' parking permits?

No. The visitors' parking permit scheme is only for households directly fronting the work.

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Day to day along the route

Please see the A-Z of useful information for residents.

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Emergencies and contact details

Who should residents go to if they have problems with the digging outside their house?

Vital Energi - this number is for emergencies only: 0800 6124 039

Jo Lennon - 07342 086843 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 4.30pm)

Email hospitalenergyproject@ouh.nhs.uk

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The technology/background

Where do I find more information about the technology, the Hospital Energy Project or Vital Energi's credentials?

For more information about the Hospital Energy Project, please watch the video on YouTube:

For Vital Energi's case studies of similar projects, please see their website:

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