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Anaesthetic Fellowships

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Fellowship in Quality Improvement

This innovative pilot adopted by the Oxford School of Anaesthesia aims to develop audit, quality improvement, leadership and management skills to complement clinical training.

What we offer

We offer a six-month Junior Fellows programme beginning in September focused on developing teamwork and leadership through an international audit project leading to a collaborative publication in high indexed journal.

Trainees and SAS at all levels of training in anaesthesia can join as well core and foundation trainees from anaesthesia and other specialties.

This is a supernumerary appointment and can be held alongside any clinical duties.

Fellows are generally expected to devote an equivalent of two weeks of audit activity flexibly during the period of Fellowship. There is no upper limit on numbers of Fellows that can join this programme. Fellows may join from a choice of multiple sites registered within Thames Valley.

We also offer bespoke one year senior fellows programme beginning in September for trainees developing an interest in perioperative care or management and clinical improvement.

A project is usually agreed after discussion with the trainee regarding areas of CV that need professional development.

Senior Fellows have included:

  • Enhanced Recovery Fellows working on enhanced recovery day case guidelines and ERAS pathways
  • multidisciplinary systematic reviews groups
  • Management Fellows conducting clinical improvement projects to improve patient safety.

Fellows are generally expected to devote an equivalent of one month of activity flexibly during the period of Fellowship.

There is no upper limit of Fellows that may join, and opportunities are available at OUH and various other hospitals in Thames Valley.

Seven Fellows successfully completed the 2019-20 cohort - see Comments from 2019-20 Fellows below.

Comments from 2019-20 Fellows

"A very worthwhile experience and I was glad to be a part of the team involved in such an important project. As well as giving me the satisfaction of being involved, participating in this project also helped boost my registrar application."

"Wonderful experience!"

"The programme was very good and I got out of it what I hope to do. I wish I had started it earlier so had more opportunities for regional teaching. I went onto my CT1 ITU block Nov 2019 which allowed less opportunities for regional practice. In future, coordinating early on with rota manager so that the Fellow can be attached to mentors lists on a regular basis would give more opportunities for regional teaching."

"Thank you. Great programme and long may it continue!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to be involved. As Surgical Trainee it was interesting to see a different approach to ERAS; it broadened my understanding to what this is and how we can improve care for patients after major elective colorectal surgery. Presenting the recent study from Spain at the Regional Anaesthetic meeting was a fantastic opportunity as well. Many thanks."

"Useful experience of multi-site audit."

Contact us

Dr Khurram Ayub

Head of Fellowship in Quality Improvement


Last reviewed:16 January 2024