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Anaesthetic Fellowships

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Global Health and Anaesthesia

The Oxford Fellowship in Global Health and Anaesthesia offers the opportunity to explore issues relevant to global health alongside clinical commitments within the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Global Health and Anaesthesia Fellow will be allocated one day a week of non-clinical time to dedicate to ongoing projects within existing networks such as the Oxford Global Surgery Group, and/or to work on their own project (subject to supervisor's approval) while based in Oxford.

This fellowship does not encompass time away from Oxford or overseas.

Fellows are encouraged to engage with the Oxford Global Surgery Group, a multidisciplinary group of surgeons, anaesthestists and obstetricians with global health interests.

Between Oxford University Hospitals and the University of Oxford, ample additional opportunities exist to form networks and links across disciplines of relevance to global health.

For more information, or to discuss potential projects, please contact us.

The clinical commitment comprises the remainder of the job plan and will include on-call commitments determined by the experience of the Fellow. Where possible clinical work will encompass areas of particular relevance to global health (obstetric, paediatric, trauma and emergency anaesthesia).

Successful applicants will demonstrate an existing interest in global health, specifically in the provision of safe anaesthesia to underserved populations around the world. It is expected that they will undertake the following:


A structured project relevant to global health and anaesthesia. The topic will be chosen by mutual agreement with and must be approved by the Fellow’s supervisor based on the Fellow’s experience and existing ideas / interests.

Multidisciplinary teamwork

Active involvement with the Oxford Global Surgery Group (an active interdepartmental collaboration including surgeons, anaesthetists and obstetricians)


The Fellow will have opportunities to attend relevant (self-funded) training including where possible, the one-week Oxford Global Surgery Course (held in Oxford) and/or the one-week Global Anaesthesia Course (held in Mbale, Uganda). Attendance will be subject to the usual departmental policies on leave.

Contact us

Dr Hilary Edgcombe

Head of Global Health and Anaesthesia Fellowship Programme


Last reviewed:16 January 2024