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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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John Radcliffe

Women's Centre

Artist Kate Blee was involved in the early design stages of this new Unit, and advised on wall colour, flooring and furniture to make it a more welcoming and comfortable place for parents and staff. She also designed decorative wall and glass vinyls for the unit as well as artwork based around a collection of colourful birds. Two large pictures, one in reception and one in the Quiet Room, show a group of jaunty birds of all shapes and sizes. Each bird represents one cot bed and is reproduced above that cot bed in the nurseries to make these spaces feel less clinical and more personal.

Gynaecology Ward

Treatment room

Private patient room

Artist Kate Blee has created a series of colourful window vinyls for the Gyanecology ward. These are installed across the ward – creating bright, uplifting imagery for the ward and masking a view onto breezeblock walls in single rooms and providing a privacy screen for bed bays, a waiting room and treatment room.