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Horton Maternity Unit

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Horton Maternity Unit entrance
Horton Maternity Unit entrance

The Horton Maternity Unit is a consultant-led unit in Banbury offering a homely, comforting experience with the benefit of 24 hour obstetric and anaesthetic cover.

There is also a Special Care Baby Unit for mothers and babies who need more specialist care.

The Birth Suite has six rooms, one with a birthing pool.

Our midwives offer massage and aromatherapy, as well as TENS machines (available to hire through the Banbury Community Midwives); birthing balls, birth mats, birthing stools, lamps for mood lighting and sound systems.

We can also offer pain relief such as Entonox, Meptid and a 24 hour epidural service.

The Horton Maternity Unit is suitable for most women with low-risk pregnancies and some who have high-risk pregnancies. Women requiring very specialist care are transferred to the Women's Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital, or to other neighbouring units.

Please use the link below to download a leaflet about the Horton Maternity Unit.

For further information, please contact the Birth Suite:

  • Tel: 01295 229459

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Maternity Ward

The Maternity Ward provides 24 hour care for women and their babies both both before and after birth.

Visiting times for the Maternity Ward

  • 9.00am - 1.00pm (partners and mother's own children only)
  • 1.00pm - 3.00pm ('Quiet Time' - partners only)
  • 3.00pm - 9.00pm (any visitors, but no more than three at the bedside at once, please)

No more than three visitors at the bedside at any one time please. Please note, only the mother's own children may visit.

The ward is staffed mainly by midwives and maternity support workers, with support from physiotherapists and an infant feeding specialist.

Some babies may require specialised paediatric care which can only be provided at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

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